The Healthy Living Centre

We provide a range of services and chances for the neighborhood. These include a café with over 50 services and activities including, workout classes, adult finding out classes, stop smoking service and lots more for all the neighborhood.

Chesterfield District Council aims to reduce the impact of travel on the enviromnent, so wherever possible please travel by public transport, vehicle share, cycle or walk to the centre. Individuals attempting to slim down (body fat) should avoid all fatty and sweet foods and eat primarily veggies, fruits, and nuts and considerably decrease his/her consumption of meat and milk items. Conveniently located a brief walk from Old Street, Kingsland Road and Overground transport links, the Centre is ideally positioned in the heart of the community.

Your charitable present will support more than 50 services offered by The Healthy Living Centre Neighborhood Interest Company across Aylesbury supporting the community. This site has actually been set up to assist in the activities carried out by the Oak Healthy Living Centre, you can find a calendar of Upcoming Occasions, or if you want to get in touch with is by means of phone, fax or in person, you can find all the information you need on the Contacts page. Real estate Advantage and Council Tax Support: Request and view your claim information and next payment information. Likewise report a modification in scenarios. Make certain most of your

The idea for the Healthy Living Centre started with Dr Meads, then a GP with The Blackdown Practice. Dr Meads and a group of interested local individuals pioneered the Centre's development in the old St Ivel milk factory social club building on the edge of the town. Living a healthy way of life can be difficult, with so much clashing medical advice out there. This collection of free online healthy living courses is created to help. Pharmacies were also favorable about the plan; with 70% of the professionals surveyed saying it had actually been beneficial for their business.