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Schedule for Starting Semi-Solid Foods

Baby Feeding Schedule

Dealing With A Gassy Baby

Unusual Baby Names - A Popular Trend

The 10 minute quickie: think you don't have time to work out with a new baby in the house? Not so.

Overweight & pregnant: what extra pounds mean to you and your baby - health

Swaddling Your Baby

Baby Shower Thank You Poems - Special Gifts From Your Heart

Due Date Calculator

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period?


Surrogate Alternatives
Our agency specializes in third party reproduction through surrogacy and egg donation. Our agency has helped many happy families with their dream of having a child.


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Teach Your Child to Live for Maximum Potential

At times, everyone feels a little depressed about life, and children are no exception. Just like you, children often experience “the same old grind.” They get up for school, day care, or camp to travel the same road each weekday. Some children even look forward to weekends in the same way their parents do.

Schedule for Starting Semi-Solid Foods

When your baby is 4 to 12 months old, your doctor, nurse or nutritionist will recommend starting your baby on semi-solid foods. This pamphlet answers some of the questions concerning this new stage in your baby's development

Baby Feeding Schedule

New parents are often overwhelmed with all the decisions that are involved in taking care of a baby. After all, babies don't exactly come with instructions!

Breast Babies and Schedules

Breastfed babies typically need to nurse more often than their formula-fed peers. You may have a friend whose baby is on formula remark that her baby only feeds every 3-4 hours during the day and sleeps through the night.

What To Do If Your Newborn Has Jaundice?

Don't panic if your doctor tells you that your newborn baby has jaundice. Jaundice in a newborn baby is a common condition.

Baby Your Baby -- And Give Birth To A Big Reader

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to helping your baby's development along, including piping Mozart to your child in the womb or teaching her to sign shortly after she's born

Dealing With A Gassy Baby

Does your baby yell and cry non-stop without any apparent reason? Excessive gas in a newborn baby could be the culprit.

Unusual Baby Names - A Popular Trend

Parents today seem to be favoring unusual baby names. At one point in history, over half of the children born were given popular names. No more. Today's trend is to break with the traditional.

Character Building by Designing Parents

Think carefully about what your child needs when you teach right from wrong. Research reveals 92% of high school students say they are satisfied with their own ethics and character, yet 1/4 admit stealing within the past year.

Extra-Cute Baby Outfits

Parents live vicariously through their children and play dress-up. One of the joys of being the parent of an infant comes in the form of choosing cute outfits for the baby to wear.

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Celebrity home news and stories
Links to low mortgage rate & Celebrity home news and stories: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson

1035 Exchange Info
Useful info and links to help you understand if a 1035 exchange is the right move for you.

S Corporations...explained!
S corporations save businesses thousands of dollars every year in taxes. Read our article here to find out how.

The Party Bus or Limousine Rental
Are you going to be planning a large gathering, or celebration and have been trying to figure out the best and safest transportation for everyone?

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