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Ovulation is the process of coming out of a mature egg capable of fertilization from the follicles into the abdominal cavity. It is no secret that ovulation is key to pregnancy, and there exist several ways to calculate the cherished days for baby conception.

You should not forget that ovulation is not obligatory in every menstrual cycle, and before its calculation, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the organism for several months. If you write down your observations in an ovulation calendar, calculating of the most cherished days for conception will be much easier. After all, the terms of ovulation calculation influence not only fast conception of a long-awaited baby, but also a child’s horoscope. An interesting fact is that knowing the day of ovulation, you can easily calculate a baby gender.

If you have regular menstrual cycle, you can calculate ovulation using the following method: subtract 14 days from the anticipated date of the next menstrual period. For example, if a woman’s menstrual cycle is 25 days, then ovulation occurs on Day 11, and if the cycle is 35 days, then ovulation occurs on day 21. Thus, you can calculate the date of ovulation for any length of menstrual cycle. Remember also you have an opportunity of using an online ovulation calculator.

Ovulation calculator will help you calculate ovulation. For most women, the cycle takes 28-32 days, and ovulation usually occurs between the 11th and 21st day of the menstrual cycle. The specified period of time is an average, and many women have a shorter cycle and ovulate earlier, and others - a longer one, with ovulation occurring later than specified terms.

Ovulation calculator allows you determining a calendar of fertile days for 3 or 6 months. Data obtained through calculator should not be used for pregnancy prevention, identifying other days as “safe”.

Warning! Your personal data may differ from the average. To obtain the most accurate information in each cycle, buy pharmacy ovulation test.

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