According to some data, very small number of women gives birth in a strictly defined and appropriate time, determined by doctors. Most women give birth within two weeks from the estimated term. The date of expected birth a physician determines is approximate. It is defined as follows: ad seven to the date of the first day of the last menstrual period, and reckon three months back from that date. This is the expected birth date (but, of course, next year).

When regular menstrual cycle is 28 days, you are likely to give birth in this alleged period. When cycles last more than 28 days, you will give birth after the date, less than 28 days - ahead of schedule. If your cycle is not regular, then the scheme of pregnancy due date is not suitable for you.

Due date calculator can help you determine pregnancy due date, gestational age and the date of conception.

Normal pregnancy duration is 290-294 days from the moment of conception until birth. However, in some cases, physiological duration of pregnancy varies considerably. Please note that the date of birth is expected, since there are cases of preterm labor and prolonged pregnancy.

Pregnancy calculator provides validation of input values for a number of parameters.

Please note that the date of the last menstrual period should first include month, then the date, then the year. Accordingly, the expected pregnancy due date first includes month in which delivery must take place, then the date of the month and after that - a year.

Knowing the anticipated delivery date is very important, so you should try to define it with your doctor. This can be done, if you remember the exact time of conception, or the date of last ovulation. Do not remember? There are also other ways:

• During medical examination, a doctor can determine the alleged condition through the uterus size;

• First heartbeat can be heard at 10-12 weeks, you can hear baby movement by 20-22 weeks (this is for the first child, the following ones - at 16-18 weeks);

• During each survey, a doctor determines the height of the uterus, which, for example, is the navel’s height at 24 weeks.

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(9 to 16, default: 14 days)

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