Baby bathing tips: infant bath temperature

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Many latter-day parents are experiencing some difficulties in the first baby bathing, because they do not know what to do with this and which infant bath temperature to choose. In fact, at first, the process of bathing may seem rather complicated, and parents need special attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Found a babysitter? What to do next?

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babysitter.jpgSo, you’ve finally found a babysitter after long searches. What should you do next? Well, you would like to leave her with your kids and spend a day the way you planned. However, your responsibilities don’t end with hiring a sitter. You still should keep on securing your child’s safety, as your sitter. Even with a professional sitter, you need do Read the rest of this entry »

Baby food is harmful?

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2711p.jpgPractically all baby formulas of leading manufacturers contain melanin. And in considerable quantities melanin is hazardous to health of kids and can cause formation of stones in kidneys and other diseases.

Melanin is a chemical substance, which is authorised to be used in foodstuff in limited Read the rest of this entry »

How to teach a baby walking

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75393596.jpgParents will be glad to boast about their children who started walking early, however, a baby decides by himself when he is ready tp do this. You should not compare your baby with others, just accept him the way he is.

You can suddenly see your kid trying to walk by about his first birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

World’s response to children with AIDS ‘tragically insufficient’: UN

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Millions of children remain at risk from HIV/AIDS and the world’s response to their plight remains “tragically insufficient”, a UN report has warned. Read the rest of this entry »

Garner Is A Healthy Mum

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Alias beauty Jennifer Garner insists she slimmed down after childbirth by breastfeeding, because she had no intention of abandoning her daughter to hit the gym Read the rest of this entry »

Scientists advocate for general circumcision of newborn boys

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As a result of longstanding research, New Zealand scientists came to a conclusion, that circumcision reduces risk of male sexually-transmitted infections twice Read the rest of this entry »

Herpes and pregnancy

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To avoid a newborn`s infection with herpes, women, having herpes rash on lips, should wash hands carefully before touching a baby Read the rest of this entry »

Ultrasound investigation during pregnancy affects fetus`s brain

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Data, received by American scientists during experiment, testify that too frequent ultrasound investigations can be dangerous for a future baby health Read the rest of this entry »

Pregnant woman and home pets

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Experts` opinions concerning relations between pregnant woman, and then a newborn baby, and a dog, sharing house with them, sometimes differ Read the rest of this entry »

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