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Congenital Heart Disease and Your Premature Baby Congenital Heart Disease and Your Premature Baby

Heart Disease or Congenital Heart Disease is one of the most common forms of birth defects and there is often no known cause...  Read
Massage and kidís organism Massage and kidís organism

Massage has many-sided influence on a kidís organism. Babyís skin surface (especially during first years of life) in ratio to body weight is much bigger, than of adultsí. Thatís why during massage a big stream of impulses is directed to nervous system...  Read
If your baby is in hospital If your baby is in hospital

Baby sickness Ė is always a hard trial for family, and if the matter concerns babyís hospitalization, then you can become panic-stricken only at the thought of the fact that a baby will be estranged from his family, painful procedures expect him, and strangers will surround him...  Read
Baby with birthmarks Baby with birthmarks

In recent time young parents have to face such term like baby hemangiomas more and more often. So, whatís hemangioma? And which threat does it bring to our babies? ...  Read
Baby teething Baby teething

Usually calf's teeth begin cutting when a baby is 6-8 months old. A 1 year old baby, as a rule, celebrates his first birthday, having 4 upper and 4 lower incisors in mouth...  Read
Your child health Your child health

Your child eats too little or, on the contrary, too much, he sleeps bad or has sudden fits of anger Ė as a rule, this worries careful parents, the rest are just giving up on it: why bother because of small things! And meanwhile, some peculiarities of behavior and state of a childís organism give warning of his predisposition to these or those diseases or even of their development long before a doctor diagnoses them...  Read
Baby vaccination Baby vaccination

Vaccination is a small disease, but it protects childrenís organism from further troubles. However, some parents keep on doubting it. Do our children need vaccination? And if yes, then why?
What are prophylactic vaccinations?...  Read
Pollen disease Pollen disease

Summer is at the height. Everything is green and blossoming. We should be glad to sun and warmth, but, looking at our own offspring, who sneezes and coughs, we think desperately: ďIt would be better if spring would come later!Ē...  Read
Tonsillitis will lose its ground Tonsillitis will lose its ground

I donít remember the one who said this, but for some reason this phrase was etched in my mind: the biggest unfairness is when children fall sick. You will hardly raise an objection against it, when you see that your child suffering. And even if he was healthy from birth, still various infections start bothering him sooner or later, and this means they start bothering his parents as well. Chronic tonsillitis is among them...  Read
Gritting teeth (bruxism) Gritting teeth (bruxism)

The first sign of your childís gritting of teeth can be sounds you may hear in the night. If you hear a mysterious sound, resembling some creak, coming from a childís room, come to him and learn....  Read
Genital hygiene for the smallest ones Genital hygiene for the smallest ones

AS A RULE, young mother have lots of questions. A baby is so small, he requires constant care and attention, and youíre afraid of hurting him. Genital hygiene causes especially many troubles. As for girls, here we can make for ourselves. But we understand nothing about boys. Letís learn this science by ourselves...  Read
Feeding: according to schedule or upon request? Feeding: according to schedule or upon request?

As long as several years ago, doctors affirmed that mothers should observe accurate schedule of nursing. Now neonatology physicians, modern books and magazines, preparatory birth courses assure future mothers that they need to nurse new-born babies upon their request...  Read

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