A basis for a successful pregnancy

PregnantMother is the first baby’s world on the Earth, so everything she comes through, her baby feels too. Mother’s emotions pass to him, influencing his mind.

It’s is known, that these are mother’s behavior and her excessive emotional reactions on stresses, which our stressful life abounds in, that sometimes cause future babies’ health complications. However, one can say with certainty that all the troubles are surmountable, if a mother to be realizes that she serves as an absolute protection for her baby, and her love gives her inexhaustible energy for this.

“A word about perinatal development”

Perinatal is a term consisting of 2 words: peri – around, near and natalis – related to birth.

Such a section of science, like perinatal psychology, existing nowadays, - is a science about psychic life of a non-born or new-born baby.

During none of the moments of his further life human is developing so intensively, like while his perinatal period, starting from being an elementary cell and just in few months turning to be a perfect creature with amazing abilities and unquenchable aspiration for knowledge.

Perinatal development brings in its heart a thought of the necessity to give an embryo and then fetus the best materials and conditions. This should become a part of a natural process of development of the whole potential, abilities, which are laid in an ovule from the very outset.

There is a following regularity: everything a mother comes through, a baby feels too. Mother is a beginning of all the beginnings for a baby, his “live source of raw materials” both from material and psychic points of view.

Mother is also a mediator between baby and outer world. A developing human being doesn’t perceive this world straightly. However, it continuously catches sensations and feelings his mother feels because of outward things. This fact, discovered recently by the science anew, actually is as old as a world is.


For ancient civilizations, the meaning of a period of pregnancy was an absolutely incontestable truth. Egyptians, Indians, Celts, Africans and many other nations worked out a legal code for mothers, married couples and the whole community itself, which provided a baby the best conditions of life and development.

The reasons for “pregnant” stresses.

It’s not a secret that every pregnant woman, determined to give birth to a baby, since the very beginning wants to think only about the best impressions, emotions and experience. She wants to think about future baby, be absorbed in high dreams of joyful moments of communication with her own child, the dearest creature in the whole world. But it’s not so easy to protect ourselves against negative emotions, fears, soul unbalanced state, or, how it is accepted to call them in one word – stresses. Moreover, there is a whole army of reasons for such conditions, especially in the beginning of a pregnancy! Some of them are peculiar to many women, and others are quite individual:

1. Fears concerning change in physical state, unpleasant events: toxicosis, drowse, change of breasts etc.
2. More serious fears, at the same time connected with worrying about successful course of child-bearing, for example, while there’s a threat of miscarriage in the beginning of pregnancy, while knowing individual medical peculiarities.
3. Fear concerning birth of unwanted baby.
4. Fear before coming birth.
5. Overall instability of emotional condition, like during premenstrual syndrome, including irritability, quick changes of mood, tearfulness.
6. Fear before future changes in figure, appearance.
7. Uncertainty in tomorrow’s day, fears before future life, necessity to quit active professional self-fulfillment and activity during the period of child rearing leave.
8. Tiredness on work. Troubles connected with conflicts with colleagues or authorities.
9. If a pregnant girl studies, she’ll probably worry for exams.
10. Relations with husband, existing children, or other members of the family.
11. Everyday problems.

It’s clear that pregnant woman have different fears, but they all want to throw off all these weights and troubles and keep on living calmly and think about future baby.

So, the first advice: try to move aside an overhanging cloud over you, thinking and caring right about your baby. This has true importance and scientific meaning. WHY? We will tell you!

Health of a future baby.

In many respects baby’s health depends on emotional and psychological condition of a woman during pregnancy.

While prolonged stressful conditions a superfluous amount of steroid hormones forms in mother’s blood, they pass through placenta barrier and influence baby’s forming brain. Size and character of emotional contact between mother and non-born baby, probably, is the most decisive factor of all factors that influence forming psychics.


- Unexpected children have a risk to fall ill of a fear neurosis, as parents’ primary uncertainty in baby’s birth in some way affected baby’s future diffidence.
- A threat of miscarriage or, in future, premature birth, can be a result of stress.


Stress and threat of miscarriage occur twice more often while pregnancy with boys, than while pregnancy with girls. Taking into account the fact, that there’re twice more boys sick of neurosis, than girls, then this shows boys’ greater sensitivity to stress in general and their relatively weaker biological endurance.

Stresses, go away! More than 1000 years ago in China there were perinatal clinics, where mothers to be spent their period of pregnancy, surrounded by peace and beauty.

What else, except understanding of importance of your condition for a future baby’s health, will help us to cope with troubles?

- I think the main answer will be not “What?”, but “Who?”.

Father plays a role of no small importance. His attitude to wife, her pregnancy and, of course, expected baby – are main factors, forming future baby’s happiness and power, which come to him through his confident and calm mother.

Plus: support of other members of family.

But here the situation is dual: you see, as it was mentioned already, these are family relations that often serve as a reason for frustrations. Relatives both can support and sting painfully…

- Talk about stress.

It’s necessary that your anxiety will be splashed out – this is the best way to get rid of it.

Depending on the reason of worrying, talk to your husband, friends, doctor. If you have nobody to talk to, communicate through Internet forums, consultations. This helps lot of people.

- “Find your enemy and destroy him”

Try to determine the reasons of stress. Think about the changes you can make, so that to liquidate it.
- If you work too much, try to quit part of work.
- If you have too much responsibility at home or work, decide what you’ll do firstly and later.
- Take a notebook and make a list of what you need to do and how.

- Sleep more…

Ha! How one can fall asleep at times, when, right in this warm bed, problems start wandering above your head and brain begins savoring them, regardless of his poor owner’s wish?! – this question arises by itself…

- Before going to bed, try to eat something that you love, something tasty. Eating before going to bed is not a good thing, but we don’t speak about big quantities. Just a small tasty sandwich, little piece of sweet. Diving to your stomach, your favorite food will gratefully present you positive emotions for sure. If you still have toxicosis, eat right what your organism accepts at the moment.
- Take a warm relaxing shower before going to bed. If you use cosmetics for future mothers, it’s good to use creams against extensions after shower.
- Listen to a pleasant music.

Pregnant- Tear yourself away from stress for some time.

- If pregnancy goes well, physical exercises excellently help to receive a positive supply.
- If you cannot do exercises, try to read your favorite book when you can, watch a good movie or family tape, listen to your favorite music.
- Walking on the fresh air always help, especially with a person, whom you can have heart-to-heart talk with. However, at times you may want to enjoy walking on your own. Both give good results, depending on your soul condition.
- Try a tested expedient of meditation: close your eyes and imagine yourself in a wishful place, for example, on a sea beach, or sunny forest meadow. You’d better switch some relaxing music while meditation.

So, a mother to be will always have to experience unpleasant emotional conditions, to a variable degree. And if they succeed to cope with them, this is a real victory, as both woman herself and her future baby win.


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