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Among our population, at any case, female part, there`s still a popular belief that one shouldn`t gather layette for a baby before his birth. Why not, in fact? Nobody can give some clear answer.

BabyAmong our population, at any case, female part, there`s still a popular belief
that one shouldn`t gather layette for a baby before his birth. Why not, in fact?
Nobody can give some clear answer.

And some superstitious pregnant women put off buying necessary things for a little
human being during post-natal period, thus, wittingly condemning themselves on
additional and quite unnecessary for that time troubles. You know, buying layette
takes too much time that could be given to a baby himself.

So, should we delay this moment, so that to be very quick at buying layette later?
And deprive yourself of leisurely buying of charming lacy bonnets, tiny loose
jackets and crawlers? You should just imagine all these tiny things (the assortment
of which is so various today, abound in mischief of colors and colorings) in your
hands, and certainly you will want to buy them all, in big quantities. However,
you shouldn`t do this, as a baby will need not much since his first days of life.
So, a mother to be will have to try to resist all the temptations and find the
golden middle.

So, while choosing clothes for a baby-born, first of all you should take into account its following qualities: comfort, possibility to
wash quickly and easily, small weight and easily to dress in
. Further, taking into account the fact that baby`s skin become easily inflamed
because of tough seams or wool, any clothes that adjoins to baby`s skin, should
be made only of cotton or mixture of cotton with synthetic materials. You shouldn`t
refuse from knitted fabric also, as it has irrefutable advantages over other fabrics:
it can be easily washed and stretches well, that is especially comfortable while
dressing your baby.

Diapers. New-born babies have one very delicate peculiarity to humidify nappies every
15 minutes, so diapers (a lot of them and for different baby`s weight) are just

Blanket. It is advisable to have 2 light cotton blankets and one warm (wool) one for
a case of cold weather. You should buy also a set of blanket covers for each blanket.
It`s better not to buy quilts: they are too heavy, hard to wash and moreover,
dust microbes easily multiply there.

Swaddling bands. Modern pediatrists advise not to use swaddling bands and not to swaddle babies
since their very birth. As for their opinion, a baby that moves freely develops
better both physically and emotionally. Nevertheless, in spite of their advises,
it`s better to provide yourself with 2 dozens of swaddling bands: 10 thin and
10 warm, of size 90 x 120 cm. They will be useful for you, even if you don`t use
them in their purpose. For example, you`ll be able to wipe your baby after bath
with thin ones, in hot weather you`ll cover him with warm ones instead of blanket,
and a flannelette swaddling band will serve as a wonderful pillow for your new-born.
And then, you`ll be able to cover a cot, perambulator and swaddling table with
swaddling bands. Moreover, instead of swaddling bands you may use a bag with buttons
having tape around collar. A baby will feel much comfortable in it, than in swaddling

Bonnets and caps. Your baby will need not more than 2 thin and 1 warm bonnet, made of knitted
fabric (they are practical and comfortable) and a couple of wool caps.

Crawlers. Their amount is determined by the fact whether you will use diapers. If yes,
then 2 couples of crawlers will be enough. By the way, it is considered, that
during wake since the first days of life baby will feel more comfortable wearing
crawlers or light overalls, than in swaddling bands. This also influences positively
on his development.

Loose jackets. You also shouldn`t buy too much of them, as babies grow fast of them. So, don`t
go mad on buying them and take just 203 thin ones and 1-2 warm ones. Take into
account, that it`s easier to put on loose jackets with a fastener of press-buttons
or tape. The matter is that tape and press-buttons can be easily fastened, and
they are also more sage for a baby, than usual buttons (a baby may accidentally
tear buttons off and send them to his mouth immediately).

Socks. Even in the warmest weather new-born babies` feet freeze, so you`ll have to
get a couple of warm wool socks for sure.

Try not to buy clothes with room for growth, even if you want to do this very much. Sometimes it`s quite difficult to foresee
your baby`s size beforehand and hasten it to the necessary season as much as possible.

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