Nappy rash or how to protect baby skin

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Signs of nappy rash include redness and swelling of inguinal skin folds, buttocks and perineum, as well as rash blisters and peeling in these areas and are found in 58% of infants. Some moms associate such reaction of baby sensitive skin with diapers. However, the name of this condition appeared long before invention of disposable diapers.

Wet diapers are main baby enemies, while nappies help solving the problem. Nevertheless, they help only partly, as we deal not only with damp cloth contact, but also a baby allergic disposition, indigestion, artificial feeding - factors that create a predisposition to diaper dermatitis or nappy rash. The disease brings trouble to kids of 6-12 months, with girls more often than boys.

Delicate and thin baby skin is vulnerable to adverse effects. The slightest lapse in care - and problem areas are covered with ominous red spots, a child becomes moody, restless and is constantly crying. Taking action in the beginning, you can get rid of nappy rash for 2-3 days. But if you ignore the problem, worries and troubles will turn your life into a nightmare! Buy special baby cream, powder or lotion for problem skin, prone to inflammatory reactions. Do not leave a baby in wet diapers and change them timely.

Employees of the Institute of Pediatrics in collaboration with foreign colleagues from Germany, Spain and the UK compared different diapers effects on children’s skin. They selected 250 children from 1 to 18 months, applied gauze diapers during 7 days, and then used disposable diapers for half children.

Their skin condition was much better than that of babies left in fabric nappies. After all, even best fabric cannot stay dry after it absorbed moisture. That is why they created diapers with absorbent material inside, which links liquid and forms gel. True, protection of disposable diapers may not work, if you use them the wrong way.

Change them before and after sleep, walk, feeding and, of course, every time a child evacuates. Throwing away old diaper, leave a kid naked for at least 5 minutes. This way his skin will breathe for a while. Keep in mind such feature: not every diaper suitable in size fits a baby in absorbency. And of course, do not use small diapers, even if you bought too much of them.

Another tip: Avoid applying too much cream or other means against nappy rash on baby skin, as well as packing a baby in a diaper immediately. Cream needs time to be absorbed, otherwise it will score pores in a diaper and reduce its ability to absorb moisture, thus only worsening skin problems.

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