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There are many christening customs and traditions. Many of them are directly related to protection from diseases, bad thoughts and actions. One of the most interesting and mysterious customs - child christening. But, for a start, all must understand that christening is not a tribute to fashion or tradition, it is first and foremost, s spiritual birth of a new man, his connection with God and the church.

Let’s talk about it. First of all, christening needs a godfather and a godmother. They may not be the bride and groom, children, followers of other faiths, mentally ill or frail people. This is where parents make the main gift for a baby, choosing worthy godparents, because these people continue taking care of the kids.

Sacrament of christening is quite fascinating. Prayers, walking, anointing - a beautiful ritual, but it requires patience, especially from new «spiritual parents».

Let’s talk about christening gifts. In preparation for the sacrament godparents should make a series of actions. First of all, buy a christening set. The kit includes a towel, a shirt, a cap for girls. In general, everything is done beautifully today: they add socks, gloves, suits, embroidered with a blue thread for boys and pink for girls, flowers, crosses. Of course, everything looks very nice, but do not forget about the ritual: at some point you will be asked to put off socks and gloves, and hat for the anointing, if you are ready to mess, then, of course, good luck to you:)

Want to make a gift to parents? You can create all necessary with your hands or by order: embroider names, praying to an angel - anything. A godmother is involved in all these things. A godfather should also think about another gift: a silver spoon. This spoon is the first baby’s cutlery, used when solid foods are introduced.

Now you know how and what is happening. And, certainly you have already felt the solemnity of this moment. However, christening gifts are in «binding» section, now let’s talk about informal gifts.

Before you choose a gift, let’s think about the child’s age. Parents want to protect him from bad energy, evil eye and other things. The Church does not put some framework, but most children are christened on the 9 th or 40 th day of birth. Although, of course, this is not a firm rule: parents can hold this ceremony, when the baby gets older and grow up.

Let’s start with the most important people after the child, with godparents. If a child is very small, it is likely that parents now have many costs: vests, cribs, strollers, baths, doctors, masseurs and so on. Therefore, you can ease your task and ask parents what they need. Just ask. After all, you must interact very closely: you now have a common baby!

All of the above mentioned concerns relatives, friends and neighbors. Want to make the right christening gift? Ask! Because a baby does not need two baths and three carriages.

There is no limit to toys, it’s truth. They are always useful to a baby, even if he does not appreciate now. There is no need to buy a car of teddy bears, colorful ducks and other things. Let this be one, but high-quality, pleasant toy. And remember about baby health! There are many fakes on the market, low-quality toys, which are dotted with bright colors, sound harsh sounds, be careful - toys should not harm health!

If a child is old enough, pay attention to his tastes and preferences when choosing a christening gift, and proceed from them: a child can already tell you what he wants.

The day of christening is a significant and memorable occasion for a family, baby, all relatives. Prepare a small celebration. Do not forget about a child: everything must be modest and peaceful. This is not a day of physical birth, it is a spiritual birthday, that, according to religious strictures, is much more important and meaningful.

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