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On the one hand, you want your child being sociable and friendly, on the other - cautious towards strangers. Babyhealth gives tips on how to give your child skills for personal safety.


Do not tell your child phrases of the type: «Do not talk to strangers»

img_1fffdd7da952b68b3af6d389cdf9ca69The word «stranger» is also applied to a new nurse a child should obey, and a seller he says «thank you» to. All installations should always be applied and understood. For example, «always come to mother (father, grandmother, etc.) before you go somewhere with someone».


Teach your child being always in sight

Ask your child always telling you about where he is and where is going, even going to the toilet. Children think it is reasonable, since they are extremely interested in where you are. Shortly a child’s declared «Plan guide» will become a natural part of your conversations.


Praise for outsight

Ask a child talking about how the day went every day after kindergarten. In doing so, encourage him for watch of a «non-type» situation. For example, if he said some of the children were missing, or they played on a new site. Praise: «You are very observant!». In future, a child will always tell you about suspicious behavior of adults.

Do not leave a child alone, especially in the forest-park zone


Teach your child saying «no»

Kids are sure all adults care for them and wish them only good. Therefore, explain what actions are dangerous and teach saying «No» to adults.

«Bad» touches:

* Hug is too strong and long
* Unsought kiss
* Tickle a child after his request to «stop!»
* Touches of adult to intimate places
* When an adult makes a child touching or kissing him


Explain that child’s genitals are an intimate part of his body

You certainly can teach a child saying: «This is not good.  «Let me go!» Or «You cannot touch!»


Teach your child naming body parts without scruple

If a child is not trained to appropriate words, he can conceal a case of harassment.


A child should learn information about himself by heart.

Be sure to inspire your child he should not be afraid to call his name, age, address and phone number to police officers or firefighters.
Accustom a child taking food only from familiar people.


Only close people can kiss children

Cheerful and sweet children, many of whom are looking for embracing and kisses are at greater risk.

Children should use words. At this stage you can set a simple rule: only a few key people in his life can snuggle your child physically.


Children should ask permission

From an early age, children need to ask your permission before you taking a candy or a gift from someone.

There are no secrets from parents

Tell your child: «Adults should not ask children to keep something secret». Tell a child no one dares to threaten him, and then add: «If anyone tries to compel you keeping secret, come to me immediately».

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