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Almost anyone, even the strongiest and healthiest baby falls sick from time to time. And if child diseases is an unavoidable thing, let’s try to treat them philosophically.

Childhood diseases is a difficult test, not only for kids but also for his loved ones. Any mother will confirm that it is better to get sick ten times herself, than seeing a suffering little man. A kid feels your mind very good. If you are lost, too nervous, or worse, show panic, it will certainly be transferred to a child. Therefore, no matter how hard you feel in soul, try to get together. Your confidence that everything will be fine will help a child in the fight against disease. Sick child becomes irritable and capricious. Take it easy, be softer and tolerant. Of course, this is not always easy.

esli_zabolelA sick child feels anxiety and needs support. Mom’s task is to calm down a child, explain what is happening to him in simple words, believe in a speedy recovery together with him. This is very important, even if a child asks nothing and shows no interest. But some children prefer not asking direct questions, having more reliance on phone conversations and parents’ behavior. It is compassion and empathy should be expressed to a kid, no pity. Pity does not help, but makes a man weak and helpless. Empathy comforts, but also inspires confidence. “I understand you. I love you very very much! We will deal with the adverse disease. You will soon be recovered, cheerful and healthy!” So much better.

Try to give a baby maximum attention, spend together all free time. Do not be afraid a baby will get spoiled over time of disease. It is important to maintain a good mood of ill child. Tell a pipsqueak on how he will recover. Dream together, where you will you go or what you will do. Do not overwhelm your child with new toys, and all kinds of gifts. You can do this and you need to, but knowing the measure. New toys excite a child too much, but it is not necessary now. It is better to take good old friends to a bed - a favorite bear, hare or duckling. They survived a lot of «hard days» along with a baby. And if a baby has been dreaming of some particular toy for a long (ie a dog or a car), then now it is time to realize this dream. This will be a real joy!

If a child refuses taking drugs or does not agree to any procedure, does not make him by force. Almost always you are able to convince a pipsqueak treating freely. Game is a great weapon to combat the disease. As you know, illness is sad and boring. And if you can raise a child’s mood, exhilarate him, involve in an interesting job, then the recovery process will go much faster. Sick child should not necessary be kept in bed for the whole day, unless, of course, it was not prescribed by a doctor. Indeed, there are certain diseases, when strict bed rest is a guarantee of full recovery. But in most cases, such serious measures are not needed. A child will identify himself when he should relax, and when run. Children overcome temperature better than we adults, and it is worth listen to their intuition and not to insist on lying in bed without any particular need. During illness a child can engage in routine affairs. You must only make a minor adjustment. First, limit noise, mobile games. Secondly, take away big, bright, noisy, musical toys. You will need all kinds of magnetic boards, which help collecting geometric patterns or figures of speech. It is very important to never frighten a child with doctors and hospitals.

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