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Folk wisdom asserts: «out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…». What a baby would tell us about himself, if he could speak since the first days? Maybe following things …

My physical and motor abilities

I have rather well adjusted processes of digestion, circulation, respiration and temperature. I have a number of reflexes: sucking, defensive, tentative, prehensile, motor, and some others. All this is enough to ensure my viability and speedy progress in development.

Movement of arms and legs are still chaotic, impulsive, uncontrolled. But this is not the reason for tight swaddling. I am not a «violent psychiatric patient». In this case, why are you trying to dress me in a «straitjacket»? This is a concern that I would not afraid of my arms and legs? Stupidity!

3470_006_papa_bI am scared of sharp, sudden sounds (vacuum cleaner, «metal» music, loud call, quarrels between adults, etc.) and my own body cannot scare me. I assure you the more opportunities to move freely you give me, the better it is for me, because it is movement that plays a significant role in my intellectual abilities development.

Due to movements of my own arms and legs, I get a significant portion of information about the world. Through movement of hands and feet, my eyes learn seeing in a human way (ie, perceive three-dimensional space).

My cognitive abilities (attention, sensation, perception, memory, thinking, imagination, speech)

I am ready to accept anything. All my senses are already developed fairly well. From the first hours of my life, they are ready to capture any information not worse than radars. All information that comes through the senses in my brain, is analyzed, compared, synthesized, classified, stored. Thus, my brain, like a cassette tape, is turned on record, and my range of feelings set the stage for perception development.

Vision. I can see bright and large objects well enough, even though I cannot notice details and focus both eyes on things I look at. I can keep a look at what is moving.

Hear. I distinguish sounds through tone and timbre. I can distinguish the voice of my beloved parents of other votes, which also apply to me. After all, I learned this being a seven-months old embryo.

Sense of smell. Excellently developed. I like smells coming from mother a lot. She smells like milk and yet somehow her own, very special. So, if you mommy, use perfume, do not change it, as long as I am small, and do not give it other relatives.

Taste. Be assured, I will definitely distinguish tasty from insipid.

Touch. I agree with Freud that I came to this world to enjoy. Therefore, I like eating and I can do it 6-8 times a day. I like sucking my big finger. You, mommy, should not worry about this. After all, I did this, even when I were you under your heart. I also like being caressed, massaged and touched. You can touch me not only with hands, but also silk, velvet, chintz, fur, etc. Most of all, I will just show that I am happy. However, do not forget that my tastes can change in two to three weeks.

Speech. While I can only shout, although potentially I’m willing to speak any of 140 languages. Very quickly my sound chaos will dissapear, and I will utter only those sounds that I hear every day from all of those who communicate with me. If you want me to be a polyglot, allow each family member speaking to me only one language from the first day (eg, father - French, mother - English, grandmother - German).

I am ready to love you, dear adults! I just do not know how to show love. Your task is to teach me this. So, when you feed me, bathe, walk, change nappies - talk to me. Now words you say have no meaning to me. I will be very happy, even hearing: «Hi, goosey!». The main thing is that you would smile, look into my eyes and talk expressively and tenderly.

Researchers found that early experience is very important for my brain development. It is the chief architect of the brain. Accordingly, you, dear parents are my first and most important teachers.

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