Found a babysitter? What to do next?

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babysitter.jpgSo, you’ve finally found a babysitter after long searches. What should you do next? Well, you would like to leave her with your kids and spend a day the way you planned. However, your responsibilities don’t end with hiring a sitter. You still should keep on securing your child’s safety, as your sitter. Even with a professional sitter, you need do some things before leaving your home.

Ask about her health

This is not just formality. You should ask her this question as soon as she arrives to baby sit. This will actually help determine if your sitter is actually in the right mindset to work. She may have been through a terrible day or she may be tired after performing some of her usual daily tasks. In other words, she may not have the inclination or energy to look after your kids. Finding out about your sitter’s day tell you whether you can risk leaving your child with her.

Note emergency numbers

Before you go out, be sure that your sitter has important numbers with her. You can display important numbers in a prominent place near the house like beside the telephone or on the fridge. These lists will serve as an easy and quick reference for your sitter should there be any emergencies. You should also leave your contact number with your sitter. If possible, tell her too where you will be headed for the nigh.

Child discipline instructions

Through proper discipline, children learn how to function in a family and society that is full of boundaries, rules, and laws by which we all must abide. With it, children gain a sense of security, protection, and often feel accomplishment. Without proper discipline, children are at risk for a variety of behavioral and emotional problems.

State directives/results and follow through; don’t issue idle threats. Give predictable consequences, such as, “If you behave in this way, this will happen.”

Special conditions

Allergies affect different children in different ways. Many children suffer from more than one allergic problem.
Children with an allergic tendency (referred to as ‘atopic’) often develop eczema and food allergies in early life. As they grow, these conditions may improve but asthma and later, hayfever, may develop. This progression is known as the ‘allergic march’. Bed linen should be changed weekly and washed at a high temperature (56ºC/133ºF or above) to kill the dust mite and remove the allergen. Other bedclothes, such as bedspreads, must also be washed weekly at high temperatures.

Finding a babysitter is just half of the job done. If you truly want to make sure that your kids are safe and have a great time, then you should know what to do before you leave your house.

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