Mother’s love makes children smarter

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0902b.jpgModern studies proved once more that children grown up without maternal affection and care, demonstrate lower physical performance, than children, who are educated by mothers. But this is a well-known fact. As modern tests show, intelligence also depends on maternal affection and love.

Recall that in the 50-s tests conducted on monkeys showed that absence of maternal care gives physically and psychologically not healthy children.

At present, it was found out that absence of maternal affection also affects intelligence. Researchers compared 12-months old young chimpanzees, who were raised by moms with young ones, deprived of maternal attention. They were allowed to copy some simple lines on paper and showed how to build pyramids. Babies, grown by their mothers, showed better results.

Moreover, having compared IQ tests of chimpanzee and human children, scientists found out that a child, who grew up without maternal love, is inferior to even animals as for physical and mental performance.

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