Pregnancy after 40 years is safe?

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2811b.jpgScientists are seriously concerned that women are increasingly trying to postpone childbirth, giving preference to career or higher education. Many women give birth to their firstborn only after 40. Is it dangerous?

Doctors are saying in one voice¬† that this is very dangerous for mother’s and child’s bodies. Research shows that the risk of giving birth to a premature baby or complications during pregnancy or after childbirth are very high. In this age risk of death - both mother’s and her baby’s - is high.

Results are disappointing. Total 7 of the 1000 pregnancies in women over 40 are passing smoothly, without complications. Typically, in this age women have a lot of chronic diseases (such as diabetes, gynecological problems, heart and blood vessels diseases and many others), what could affect the process of pregnancy.

Researchers argue that age of young mothers is also growing. The number of women who gave birth at the age of 30 years prevails over 20 years-old women. This suggests that women are increasingly delaying the process of giving birth.

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