Christmas for children. Home puppet show

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4416_kukla_231208_b.jpgThey say, dolls revive and bear pleasure to all before Christmas. Do not trust? Well, whether children’s fairy tales come true these winter evenings?

And after all, a doll is a friend, whom you can share secret thoughts, sorrows and pleasures with. It is better to make a doll by your hands. Self-made rag dolls will allow parents creating a small house puppet theatre easily, which characters will possess kind power and open space in respect of emotions expression.

House puppet theatre is your chance to create a new, fruitful game tradition, contrary to massed pressure of show business.

It is absolutely simple to show a child a fairy tale on a small little table or stool. Establish it the way so that one person operating dolls could be located behind it, and there should be a place for spectators opposite. Cover a little table with fabric, which colour corresponds to calendar time of fairy tale (white material for winter, green for summer and so on). Scenery for such theatre are made with big share of convention, natural materials (cones, branches, moss slices), fabrics different in colour, various cubes and boxes are actively used. Do not forget about expressiveness, which is added to a fairy tale by light sources. A small candle can serve both as fire, and fire in the furnace, and gold shine. Do not overload scene – hint is enough.

Interior on a little table should be prepared in advance and covered with light fabric, which will hide prepared from premature curiosity of children.

The leading role at similar theatre «on a little table» is given to a Story-teller. He is behind a little table and moves doll characters depending on an event on “scene”. Thus, the word, instead of dolls, is the main thing in content disclosing. However, despite a role of a Storyteller, dolls also are an important part of performance. Self-made rag dolls are good that children will be able to play with them later. Traditional wooden, clay toys are also convenient in use.

As to scenery, it is possible to make a self-made small house using meccano, a branch will serve as a tree, cubes, balls, multi-coloured rags will help with creation of surroundings. Usually drawing a new background requires not so much time. It is possible to use one for all cases: on a paper sheet draw wood , the sun and a small house, and on an underside you can represent night: a half moon and stars against dark background . A child likes sitting on a pillow on the floor and watch performance.

Arrange children’s puppet play
A glove-doll dressed on a hand of adult is an independent live being for a child, though it speaks a voice of mum or daddy. He laughs, worries together with a doll-glove. And it is not only a game: all glove dolls also remarkable logopedic toys. They promote development of child’s speech (speech becomes more figurative, expressive), lexicon becomes richer.

And when a child grows up, he can arrange a house puppet theatre for his favourite toys. And though forcing a doll-glove moving and behaving plausibly according to a fairy tale plot is difficult, it is still very interesting and useful. Besides speech development, in such game a child learns words and gestures to express various emotions and moods, work with glove dolls demands accuracy of movements, flexibility of fingers, concentration of attention, leaving thus open space for independent imagination.

Thanks to dolls-gloves you can arrange a whole house puppet theatre easily, to play almost any children’s fairy tale!

For the first get-up choose a play with simple text, not demanding difficult scenery, a great number of dolls. For carrying out of such performance build a screen replacing a scene. If you cannot make a three-folding screen, you can replace it with a curtain (cloth), having fixed last on a stick in a doorway.

Christmas-crib, is secret of the Birth of the Christ, which comes to each house these winter days!

Imagine that we look in a window of a small house: in the heart of a scene there is a cradle, Ever-Virgin Mary and Sacred Joseph, burro and ox warm a baby by breath…

This wonderful action lives more than two hundred years.

In olden time den boxes were very big: in two, even three floors, with difficult ornaments - they were stored as relics many long years. Dolls were operated from below, through special cracks in a bottom of a box. Later there were one-storeyed dens, from improvised materials - maybe, they were not intended for long storage and were made anew every year. In them a puppeteer operated dolls from above, by means of a rod.

How to make a doll
For doll manufacturing you need: a piece of flesh material 30 x 30 sm, wool or cotton wool, a piece of a thick woollen cloth or similar fabric 15 x 40 sm.
Yarn for hair, rags for clothes, strong threads.

Roll thick woollen cloth in a short roll and sew, thus we have a basis. It should be steady. In the middle of rag put a wadded or woollen ball (it is possible to use a small ball). Wrap it up with fabric and tie neck with a thread. Straighten folds, so that face would be almost smooth, embroider or draw eyes and mouth, do not forget about hair.

Put turned out head on a basis and stitch round “neck” to attach one part to another. Sew in two more scraps of cotton wool in a hanging down fabric. These will be hands. Now by means of clothes you can make a doll thick, having filled sleeves and shirt with cotton wool, or harmonous, having used less stuffings.

To dress up a doll representing a female character, you can wrap up a trunk with a colour piece of fabric, fixing it on shoulder straps, - this is a dress. Under a sundress put on a white or grey shirt. You can decorate top with a band.

For a doll-man a shirt tied up by a band, and a vest or cape, grey for “shepherd” and scarlet for “athlete” or “king” will approach well. By the way, among magicians there were tsars, dressed very elegantly, so slices of brocade and a gold band will be useful. We will make a famous star of magicians from gold foil or cardboard painted with gold paint.

In home theater dolls are necessary to help children understanding symbolical language of performance. They represent what occurs in one’s soul, and it is a question not of transfer of external events, but about internal experiences. Especially in our case, when it is history of Christmas night, inspiring all!

Usually text of den performance was handed down with additions and reductions, and for centuries both languages, and customs are united in it.

It is remarkable to prepare Christmas-crib all together, with whole family and show to the smallest on Christmas. A den can be played every year and consequently action can be complicated from year to year .

Happy Christmas and New Year holidays!

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