Hollywood divorces: ridiculous details of marriage contracts

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200566206-001.jpgMarriage contract is a document, created accurately to regulate financial claims of spouses in case of divorce. It is especially convenient for stars of show business, which would like to avoid public divorce case and secure themselves against encroachments on their fabulous fees. However, recently not only financial questions, but also strange and unusual requirements of future spouses to each other became a subject of marriage contracts: for example, giving one of spouses the right to demand carrying out of other spouse’s blood test on presence of drugs at any time (in case of positive results penalty follows), single payment of certain sum for each adultery (to affected party), an interdiction for football matches watching on Sundays or inadmissibility of a holiday trip together with mother-in-law. Do not believe, this is possible? Take a look in celebrities’ marriage contracts!

1. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline: one million

At first Brit even did not want to hear about any marriage contracts, trusted in love to a coffin and strong communication of two hearts. Fortunately, according to advice of more skilled (or cynical?) friends, pop “princess” nevertheless agreed to sign a “foolish inutile pieces of paper”. You know the rest from tabloids. A beautiful fairy tale about a singer’s and the dancer’s love came to an end with a loud and scandalous divorce, which consequences former pop star faces to this day. Kevin managed to receive only one million dollars from her loved wife’s fortune. If they would not have a marriage contract, they would have to”saw” a star fortune half-and-half.

2. Charlie Shin and Denise Richards: Big Brother watches you!

Majority of married couples consider by default that adultery in marriage is inadmissible, though are still secretly afraid of it. Charlie Shin and Denise Richards decided to be afraid of adultery obviously: their marriage contract especially specified that a spouse seized in adultery, is obliged to pay a deceived party a sum of 4 million dollars at a time. Their marriage contract, the truth, did not specify, how to prove the fact of adultery, but when we mean such sum, you can arrange superfluous eyes on a nape.

3. Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky: if you love - pay!

Liz met her eighth spouse in Betti Ford clinic, where both received medical treatment against alcoholism. Larry, a usual truck driver, was 20 years younger a Hollywood star, however, this did not prevent a marriage. Liz nearly lost her head from love, but her lawyers and, strangely enough, a young spouse insisted on marriage contract. Instead of naming sums of possible compensation in case of divorce, an enterprising trucker managed to force Liz paying him for… lived years. On conditions of the contract, Larry received one million dollars into the personal account for each 5 years of marriage with Liz. Fortunately for Taylor, her eighth marriage did not last more than the marked term, and a former truck driver got enriched on one million.

4. Jack Welch and Jane Welch: delayed date

It is difficult to believe, but the most successful (and cunning) American businessman was cheated by his own wife. A chairman of board of directors of General Electric company decided to secure his fortune at the beginning of marriage and signed a marriage contract, according to which, in case of divorce, she received rather modest sum as compensation. The contract, however, included a strange point: “position about sunset date” - it expired in 10 years. So, a loving spouse took advantage of it: having waited the termination of marriage contract action, she sued for divorce. As consequence, she managed to receive exactly half of her hubby’s fortune - 150 million dollars.

5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: half-kingdom in addition

Katie Holmes, seemingly, studied financial courses from Larry Fortenskyand Jane Welch. Judge: for every year in marriage Mrs. Cruise receives 3 million dollars into her personal bank account from her lawful spouse. But there is more to come. According to marriage contract, its action is cancelled, as soon as Cruise-Holmes marriage is 11 years. We explain for those who did not understand: in 11 years of a marriage Katie (who will be already enriched on 33 million dollars, according to the contract by that moment) becomes a “usual” spouse who, in case of divorce, receives exactly half of her husband’s fortune. You can make further simple calculations independently.

6. Catherine Zeta Johns and Michael Douglas: greed is not a defect

One more spouse, who added a method “pay me, while I’m your wife” to the arsenal is Catherine Zeta Johns. Her star spouse Michael Douglas pays 2, 8 million dollars for every year of marriage. A profitable piece, these Hollywood marriages, isn’t that so? Catherine, by her own words, considers marriage contracts as a “fine idea”, adding that receiving money from Michael for years spent nearby, she feels she is “thought and cared of”. Not too romantic approach. And however, what else can you expect from a spouse of a person, who once declared that greed is not a defect?

7. Kate Urban and Nicole Kidman: stop to drugs!

This couple made secure about children and… drugs. For every year spent near Nicole, a former addict receives 640 thousand dollars. However, if Kate breaks and returns to cocaine again, he will not receive a cent from more than 150 million dollars, lying on Hollywood actress’s accounts. The point on successors is separately registered: in case of divorce parents will possess the right of joint guardianship of offsprings.

8. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: children - life flowers

Enamoured “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” did not waste their talents on trifles in marriage contract. They are successful, they are rich, they do not need money. The main thing - children. In this couple’s marriage contract, thus, there is only one point - joint guardianship over children.

Hollywood lawyers still could tell a lot about their clients’ whims: in stars marriage contracts they sometimes mention destiny of home pets, gardeners, lawn-mowers and pool cleaners.

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