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igry_290107_b.jpgNew Year celebration has at least two traditions. First, to meet a celebration in the bosom of family. Secondly, to spend celebratory hours as more cheerfully as possible. We bring your attention amusing games for whole family.


It is simply an ideal game for New Year’s evening. Each of the playing thinks out, what gift he would make to his “neighbour”. And then by turns they start showing “gift” by means of mimicry and gestures. As soon as the neighbour guesses, he can think of his gift to the following player. Words are forbidden! Help is possible, but only in the form of description (instead of name) of a subject.


These are ideal “balls” for a room. Simple entertainment: clicks to keep a ball in air. Do this simultaneously, and therefore the task is not simple. Not to mix balls, it is possible to draw or mark something with figures on them.

By means of balls it is possible to arrange also competitions on “shot put”. Put a ball on a table edge. He is blindfold and put a back to a table. On a command he should make five steps forward, turn on a place three times, come back to a table and blow off a ball on the floor. More often correct direction is lost, and under general laughter he tries to blow off a ball therefrom where it is not present.

Hold a melody

In this game all should sing, except one person. Everyone recollects a favourite song. On a clap of the leader players start to sing, but silently. And here when the leader slaps twice, all continue singing aloud and as more loudly as possible. The main thing - to keep a melody and not to mix a word, despite sound hindrances. After a while the leader repeats actions: claps one, and then again two times. The one who finishes singing a song up to the end wins, never having got off!


Before each participant - a sheet of paper. The leader asks questions which it is necessary to answer: who, when, where, what did, what saw, what told?. Questions can be different - the main thing that, having answered a question, it is necessary to transfer a sheet to the neighbour at the left (thus turn a sheet upper edge, so that it was impossible to read written). In turn you receive a sheet from the neighbour on the right. When sheets bypass all on a circle, the leader collects them and reads turned out aloud. Really sometimes you receive the nonsense, and sometimes - real fun.


The leader conceives a word and names all its first letter, say, “p”. The purpose of the others - to guess a word, and they come out to it with assumptions in the form of riddles: “Perhaps, this is a nest for screw fastening in a wall?” The leader should understand what it means, and answer: “No, it’s not a plug ” or “Yes, it is a plug” (if he thought of a word “plug”). If the leader cannot name a word which he is asked of, - he should name the following letter of the word… There are such rules: if someone asked a question to the leader, and others guessed the answer to this question earlier, they should let know about it, having told: “Contact!” If anybody has not entered into contact, leader is not obliged to answer a question. Game proceeds, until a conceived word is guessed. The one who asked last question, becomes the leader.

Cheerful relay race

This relay race suits both children, and adults. We take two beautiful inflatable balls, two maces.

Three pairs from a command stand in pairs shoulder to shoulder. It is necessary to carry by a ball to a mace and back, having clamped it between heads of two players. The second stage. Again three pairs from a command stand in pairs face to face. Their problem - having clamped between foreheads an oblong sphere, to carry it to a mace (distance 5 - 7).

Electric current

This game can be played directly at a celebratory table. All take seats and take each other’s hands under a table. It is necessary to choose the leading and first player with whom the game begins. This “first” compresses a hand of the neighbour on the right, that transfers a handshake impulse to the following player - and so on a chain… On a signal “Stop” game stops, and the leader should guess, whom handshake has stopped on. If he guesses, the leader is the one whom they have guessed. Well, if he does not guess - the leader remains same!

Reel up sooner

For this game it is necessary to prepare two coils and threads in length 3 - 5 m. Make a mark on the thread middle - a paint or knot. Playing stand against each other, holding a coil so that the thread would be strained. On a command they start reeling up a thread on the coil quickly, coming nearer to each other all time. The one who reaches the thread middle the first wins.

Nose, nose, nose, mouth…

Players sit in a circle, the leader is in the middle. He speaks: nose, nose, nose, mouth. Saying first three words, he touches nose, and at the fourth touches other part of head, instead of mouth. Sitting by a circle should do everything as he speaks, instead of he does, and not to get into a fuddle. The one who makes a mistake, leaves the game. The most attentive one wins.

Pass an orange

In this cheerful game participants are built in a rank. Players - from the first to the last - should transfer an orange (or a ball) on a chain. Salt of game is that you cannot use hands - only a chin or a shoulder! If an orange falls on the floor, all begins with the beginning.

Japanese blind-man’s-buff

Players stand in a circle, one in the middle, blindfold. He is a bird. Others go round him and repeat: “Birdie, birdie, locked in a cage, when you fly to me, my birdie?” Having bypassed around several times, they stop and ask: “Who stands behind you?” The bird names a name of some player. If he guesses, the named stands on his place, also blindfold; if he does not guess, he continues being a bird, game repeats.

Poultry market

It is an Italian game. Six - eight persons should play. One player - a seller, another - a buyer. Others squat and cover knees with hands. They are chickens. A buyer approaches seller and asks: “Are there chickens on sale?” - “There are”. - “Can I look?” - “Please”. A buyer comes behind chickens and touches them by turns: “I do not like this one, he is too old”, “This is sinewy”, “This is lean” etc. And at last, having touched the chosen chicken, he says: “I will buy this”. The seller and the buyer lift a chicken in air for both elbows, shake and speak: “You a good chicken. Do not uncouple hands and do not laugh”. If the chosen chicken starts smiling or laughing or uncouples hands, he leaves the game.


Having put on thick mittens, it is necessary to define by touch a subject you are given.

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