Pregnant celebrities: what they look and how they feel like

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cp1zmr.jpgEven leanest celebrities blossom and turn into real women, when they are expecting for a baby.

A British model Jordan’s sixth breast started looking quite naturally, when it was only two months remained till her baby’s birth, while Hear’Say vocalist Myleene Klass’s belly increased literally twice for a night, thanks to a diet “cookies, cheese and chips”. She even japed: “I have a huge belly … I still think: may be it seems to me, or I eat too many doughnuts? Here there is a question: whether there is such concept as” too big belly ” in general?


Accoucheur Janet File says that there is no. “As to weight gain during pregnancy, here there are no established rules. There are some recommendations concerning rates of increase in a body weight, however all women are different, and pregnancy time is a too intense period to think of average indexes. Your belly size completely depends on genetic predisposition and constitution of your body”, - the doctor has added.


Janet advises: “Eat healthy, balanced food, with low maintenance of salt, to avoid moisture detention in organism. It is not necessary to worry concerning overweight”.


Follow mums-celebrities’ example, whose bellies in pregnancy are not smaller, than other women’s bellies, however, they still feel excellently. Besides, on the same term of pregnancy, different stars have absolutely different belly size. The Sun represents a photo gallery of pregnant celebrities on all terms and suggests to compare, whose belly is bigger.


During Victoria Beckham’s pregnancy with her son Cruz, in the first month (2004) it was absolutely impossible to believe in it – her tummy remained absolutely flat. And Angelina Jolie’s shapes got something stouter already on the fourth week (September, 2005). However, it means absolutely nothing, after all many women even lose weight in the first months of pregnancy, because of constant morning nausea.


On other photo singer Charlotte Church is on the second month of pregnancy. She already conceived a liking for pizza. Her mother Maria declared then that Charlotte could not live a day without a pizza slice, since she learnt she was pregnant. Myleene Klass covered her already appreciable tummy with a successfully sewed dress at the Brit Awards ceremony in February.


Actress Naomi Watts looked rather plump at the Oscar ceremony, her friend Liev Schreiber confirmed news about pregnancy next day. Without doubts, he spoke about change of her hormonal background during pregnancy when he declared: “it seems, everything I do for her or our future child, is wrong, I’m already afraid of coming home”.

We wonder, Julia Roberts’s boyfriend Danny Moder also worried so much? On one of photos, for example, usually harmonous star looks a little excited and disturbed during pregnancy with her twins.

Myleene’s tummy on a photo, made on 13-week term, does not differ at all from the photos made on 16 week. And Britney Spears, on the contrary, increased in sizes significantly by fourth month of pregnancy with her second son.


Any woman would start showing off, if she would suddenly become pregnant from Brad Pitt. So, Angelina, pregnant and proud of herself, is walking along Heathrow airport in January, 2006 on the fifth month of pregnancy. In the meantime, changes in Victoria Beckham’s figure could be examined only at detailed survey. 4 months prior to Cruz’s birth Vicky is walking proudly at a fashion show.

Madonna, pregnant and happy, poses with her husband Guy Ritchie before a birth of their son Rokko in 2000. And a football player Frank Lampard’s wife Elen Rives is walking along one of London streets in May, 2005 being also on the sixth month of pregnancy, however, she looks absolutely different.

In spite of the fact that a busty model Jordan looks great while pregnancy, she declared: “I do not like to be a pregnant woman. I’m so huge. I cannot look at myself in the mirror”. And a designer Jade Jagger looks quite happy and ready to become a mum in August, 2004. It is not surprising that her second son Freddy was born a month before term.

Britney looks perfectly in summer easy dress on the eighth month of pregnancy in 2005 – just a month before her son Shaun Preston was born. And a former Atomic Kitten’s vocalist Kerry Katona looks not so happy. A poor thing, who gave birth to a daughter in a month, named pregnancy “the most awful period of her life”.


“Beverli Hills 90210″ former star Tori Spelling, possibly, became the most photographed pregnant woman for the whole history of America. She had a huge belly, when she posed for another photosession just 10 days prior to her child’s birth in March.

Baby expectation can become a boring employment, therefore, enterprising Katie Holmes entertains herself shopping during all five days prior to her daughter Suri’s birth in April, 2006.

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