How to choose the best toy for a kid

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sb10063254n-003.jpgDue to enormous choice of toys, it is really difficult choosing toys for kids. Do you prefer a train that is only red and green or do you pick the one that is red and green and lights up? Will you choose a crying or giggling baby? How do you know if the toy is age appropriate? How do you even know if your child or niece or friend will like it? Here you will find some general guidelines.

First of all, remember a child’s interests. If you don’t know their interests, you can always speak to their parent or a sibling to get some ideas. Don’t always assume that you know what a child will like. A lot of girls love playing with dolls, but some would rather play with dinosaurs.

Once you get some ideas of their likes and dislikes, go to the store. (If you go to the store before getting some ideas you’ll probably get overwhelmed by the number of choices.) If the child likes something specific, like a particular brand of die cast cars, then go straight to that section. If it’s a general idea, such as the child really likes dolls, then find the part of the toy section that has dolls.

A lot of stores have their aisles organized in a particular way, often by brand, but also by gender specific toys, the types of play (dramatic play, outside play, educational toys, etc.) so you might find that you need to look around to see all of your options.

Please remember that the age difference between you and your child is of at least 20 years. The fact that you liked a toy when you were a child does not mean that your child will love it too. Children from different generations like different types of toys.

Safety is the most important factor you must consider whenever you need to decide what toy you should buy for your child. Unfortunately, this is also the most overlooked one. Usually, parents forget to check if the toy they choose for their children are safe.

Good developmentally-appropriate toys and games will help your kids to develop their physical, emotional, language and social capabilities, as well as stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Nowadays there are numerous fun ways for young children to learn. Lots of kid toys and games have been created with this in mind.

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