Fever in children:treatment

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ab71046.jpgA child’s normal temperature says that everything is all right. One of the first signs of a child’s illness is raised temperature.

In case a child has a usual cold or an easy fever, parents should keep control of temperature and take corresponding measures at its increase in time.

Signs, signalling that a child has heat

Sometimes parents cannot determine a child suffers from heat looking at his appearance. However, if below-mentioned symptoms are observed, parents should check up temperature at once:

- Atypical irritability;
- Atypical slackness;
- Child feels hot;
- Causeless crying;
- Speeded up breath;
- Drowsiness;
- Bad mood.

If a child can sound following symptoms independently, parents also should take a child’s temperature quickly, if they observe:

- Sensation of heat and shiver;
- Headache and ache;
- Sleep disorder;
- Loss of appetite.

How to struggle with heat?

If you detect heat in a child, you should undertake following actions:

- Air a room: open the window, lower temperature in a room (reduce heating);

- Wet a towel: put a cold towel on a child’s forehead, neck and hands;

- Cool drinks: it is necessary for a child to drink a lot of cool liquid, however, it is not necessary to give him aerated drinks, as they can provoke nausea;

- Give a syrup, containing paracetamol. Depending on a child’s age, give him a corresponding dose of the children’s syrup, containing paracetamol. However, if a baby is under three months, paracetamol is counter-indicative, you should definitely consult with the doctor;

-  Take temperature during the day regularly, to keep control of it;

- Call a doctor to your house without fail.

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