Truth about contraceptives

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a0048-000107.jpgVery few people will disagree that children are wonderful. But there are cases when their birth is undesirable. Killing an unborn child is a big sin, therefore, each sane, civilised person is obliged to take care of protection from undesirable pregnancy. And it concerns not only women, but also men, fortunately, there is a great variety of contraceptives now.

There are so-called mechanical or barrier contraceptives which interfere with spermotozoa penetration: endometrial spirals, condoms. The first start to operate right after application, and ability to become pregnant renews right after removal, i.e. from the beginning of a new cycle, but they do not protect from sexually transmitted diseases, and can increase duration of menstruation. Second ones protect from diseases and undesirable pregnancy perfectly, but many people complain that they cannot feel the whole charm of intimate affair with condoms.

There are also chemical contraceptives: suppositories, gels, creams. And also combined – mechanical and chemical: thawing caps, tampons. Their efficiency is not absolute, and there is also an inconvenience of their use during the moment of passionate closeness, when ydischarge the partner and suggest to wait a couple of minutes so that you could go to a bathroom to use one of these means. Surely, you can think about it earlier, but one young man complained that after oral caresses his lips ached during whole evening, and some girls also complain of burning because of use of these means.

There are also hormonal contraceptives based on “suppression” of female hormones by man’s and the processes subsequent to it, interfere fertilisation.

They also have essential lacks. Firstly, these means affected on a woman in a way that some man’s signs were shown. Now, with the development of science and technics, oral contraceptives have no such effect, and even can correct infringements of menstrual cycle, affect skin and hair condition positively, however, you cannot take any other medicines with them. After you terminate to take them, you will have to wait from 4 to 24 months to restore your ability to fertilization, but more often – you will gain it in 9 months.

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