Mother’s Day : tips to celebrate

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72796929.jpgMother’s Day is a time to pay special attention and care to our mother and show her that we really appreciate everything she’s done, and keeps on doing for us.

Mother’s Day has its origins in ancient Greek and Roman festivals dedicated to maternal goddesses. The Greeks honored Rhea, the mother of the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology, while the Romans’ Hilaria spring festival was dedicated to Cybele another mother goddess.

Most moms would like nothing better for Mother’s Day than the chance to spend time with their kids. If you live close enough to see your mom on Mother’s Day, there are certainly many ways the two of you can celebrate together. Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom.

Show appreciation. Along with selling cards and flowers, the purpose of Mother’s Day is to show moms how appreciated they are. While spending time with mom in itself will probably let her know you’re thankful for all she does, take some time to make that feeling specifically known.

Bring her breakfast in bed with her favorite sections of the paper and a vase with a single flower in it. Or give her a coupon that entitles her to the breakfast of her choice, served in bed, on any selected morning.

If you can’t be with her, call her and tell what’s going on in your life. Send a care package, complete with her favorite book, CD, snacks, wine, a personal note, and other small gifts.

Not sure what to present her? What do you get a woman with everything? Get thee to a mall! Bring Mom shopping and watch for the first thing that makes her face light up.

Take the family out to a restaurant. Ask her friends or other family members to find out where she would like to go and celebrate her special day over dinner or a nice Sunday brunch.

Conspire with your family to dig up old photos of Mom - from her childhood, her swinging single days, wedding pics, pregnancy pics, and pictures from all of the meaningful occasions since then.

Remember, this is a day when you just need to treat your Mother like a Queen! Talk only about her, listen to all her thoughts, surprise her with small gifts and she will never forget your care!

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world at different times during the year. However, some countries including Denmark, Finland, Italy, and Australia also celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

Regardless of the actual date Mother’s Day is celebrated, it’s an important day in the calendar and one on which we can give thanks to that very special person in our life: our mom.

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