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sb10064088d-001.jpgThe latest health statistics show that  kids are scoring low on nutrition. Most children fall show on zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Most children are eating too much fast food and fats and not enough fruits and vegetables.

Avoiding meals and consuming lots of fast food, soft drinks, and sweet snacks, children have developed diets that fall short in important nutrients.

Food choices and eating patterns which are established during childhood can affect one’s health and well-being for the rest of one’s life.

75% of brain capacity develops between birth and age three, yet many children ages 1-3 are picky eaters and do not eat enough nutritious foods to promote good health and proper growth. Encouraging good eating habits should start early and children should start a good nutritional program as infants.

In children, the importance of establishing a regular eating pattern cannot be over-emphasized. Three good, balanced meals a day (which include something from each food group) should be encouraged. Including protein in these meals would ensure that children do not get hungry as quickly, thus delaying the urge to snack on unhealthier, sugar-rich foodstuffs.

Many children have a lack of Vitamin C in their diets. Vitamin C plays a very important role in maintaining the body’s natural antioxidant defense against sell damage, supporting immune function. Vitamin C also prevents the formation of harmful nitrosamines from nitrates found in many foods, such as processed meats. Not only that, Vitamin C maintains he health of teeth and gums and the structure f bones, muscles and blood vessels.

Calcium intake is critical to children’s health to maintain bone mass for strong bodies and teeth. Calcium can be obtained from milk or even a daily calcium supplement.

Sugar-containing foodstuffs should be limited to mealtimes as salivary flow is increased during these times, neutralizing the acid much quicker. Sugar-free snacks (including popcorn, cheese, crackers) should be limited to the times in-between main meals. Rounding off meals with water also helps remove acid build-up.

Finding the balance between diet and energy burning will indeed help you raise healthier kids as a result.

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