How to teach a baby walking

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75393596.jpgParents will be glad to boast about their children who started walking early, however, a baby decides by himself when he is ready tp do this. You should not compare your baby with others, just accept him the way he is.

You can suddenly see your kid trying to walk by about his first birthday. Some kids, however, reach eighteen months and they’re still trying to remain upright on their feet, but as long as they are developing normal in other areas, there will not be cause for concern. If you are worrying too much, you should better visit a doctor.

Walking is about balance, motor development and not being in too much of a rush! For some littlies, to be up on their feet is achievement enough; for others, putting one foot in front of the other is a goal that they won’t rest without reaching.

There are ways you can assist your child in learning to walk. Encourage him to stand and hold on to furniture to increase the sensation of stability, and to help him to learn to balance properly. When he becomes more confident, he will rather like the idea of moving around the furniture to reach his favorite toys.

Baby walkers
Contraptions made of seats with wheels and a frame are not the best tools to help your child to walk earlier. Walkers can actually hinder a child’s natural progression towards walking. Babies who use walkers tend to rely on them for balance and movement, and the results is that the muscles they need for walking are not as well developed. Use them with extreme caution, as each year lots of accidents happen due to them.

Nature provided us with padded soles on our feet, and toes to help keep our balance. Putting shoes on a child learning to walk is anything but natural. Also let your child get used to different surfaces such as grass, carpet, wood and sand. It keeps things fun and interesting.

Hand holding
It might seem like the best way to help your child, but holding his hand actually offsets his balance. Try holding him around the torso to keep him upright.

A whole new world opens up when a child can be upright and he will see his environment from a brand new perspective. Delight in his excitement. Spend lots of time giving him the confidence to pull himself up and make his foot movements and when he falls over, laugh playfully and encourage him to try again.

Your kid will try to reach everything, when he is able to walk. And you will probably miss the days when he was just lying in the crib!

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