Problems in new born babies. Coping with crying

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There are probably no babies who would not cry. During first time parents not always understand exactly problems in new born babies and do not know how to calm down a baby.

We offer your attention several ways of baby calming. You can use either one of them, or several at the same time to calm down a crying baby. When you use this or that method, look closely at your baby’s reaction and try to understand what he wants to tell you at this moment. Through trials and errors, combining different methods, soon you will find an optimal way to calm down a baby.

New position

When a baby starts crying again, the simplest way to quiet crying is changing a baby’s position.

-    Couch your baby and put him accurately, holding his hands with your palms;

-    Seat a baby on your arms (of course if this is possible in his age!) and hug him;

-    Cough a baby and lift him a little on your shoulder-level, and then return in initial position (repeat this 3-4 times);

-    Couch a baby and swing him from side to side.

Rhythmic motions

-    Couch a baby and walk along a room with him;

-    Couch a baby, lift him top-down and back to front several times;

-    Seat in a rocking-chair with a baby and sway for a while;

-    Spin around a baby.


-    Cover a baby with a warm blanket;

-    Hug a baby and warm him with your body;

-    Before putting a baby to bed, put a hot-water bottle on a bed-sheet for a while to heat a baby’s cot.

Calming sounds will help solving problems in new born babies

-    Calm down a baby with words (voice should be quiet and low);

-    Sing a lullaby he likes;

-    Turn on music (calm, classic, light jazz, pop music or water sounds will be ok). Do not turn on hard rock, as such music will only cause bigger anxiety in a baby.


-    Massage a baby’s back gently;

-    Stroke and caress a baby;

-    Kiss a baby (they really like it!);

-    Put a baby on back and stroke his belly clockwise.

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