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75043541.jpgChicken cream soup


One chicken (about 500 g). 0,5 carrot, 1 onion, 1 glass milk, 2 table spoons flour, 2 table spoons butter, 0,5 l water, 0,5 glass sour cream, a bunch of fresh green, salt.


Boil clear chicken broth.

Take out chicken and filter broth.

Put an onion and 0,5 carrot in broth. Salt and boil until carrot becomes soft. While broth is cooking, separate meat from bones and mince it. Remove broth from fire. Cool it.

Pour chicken stuffing with 05 glass chicken broth. Add a glass of milk, flour, butter and mix until you receive a homogenous paste. Pour cooked paste slowly in rest broth mixing constantly.

Season cream soup with sour cream and green. 

You can also fry croutons for such soup.

Haricot cream soup


50 g white haricot, 150 g milk, a piece of butter (hazelnut size), 600 g water, salt.


Sort our and wash haricot, pour with cold water (boil and cool it beforehand), bring to the boil very carefully and boil in a covered dish on a very weak fire, until it becomes soft. Grate boiled haricot, add salt extract, warmed raw milk and boil during 3 minutes.

Add butter in a plate with soup, serve wheaten croutons separately.

Comment. If you pour haricot with raw water, bring to the boil quickly or boil on middle or strong fire, or pour with cold milk, it will become tough and glassy.

Carrot and spinach cream soup


2 carrots, 20 g spinach, ½ tea spoon flour, a piece of butter (hazelnut size), ¼ glass milk, ¼ egg yolk.


Peel and cut carrot, put in a pan and stew in small quantity of water during 30 minutes, then add peeled and cut small spinach, butter, flour dissolved in a part of milk and keep on stewing for 10 minutes in a covered dish.

Then grate vegetables, dilute cooked puree to wishful density with boiling water or vegetable broth, pour in salt solution and boil.

Grate boiled yolk with a part of boiled milk and add to a cooked soup.

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