1 year old toddler feeding:Vitaminous breakfast

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½ glass sugarless corn flakes

2 table spoons raisins

½ apple

½ banana

½ pear

½ glass fruit yogurt

Ground walnuts


In spring we feel acute lack of vitamins. During this season you should give your kid more vegetables and fruits.

30 minutes before breakfast pour raisins with boiled water or milk to soften it, little later add flakes and milk (or water). You should better choose soft flakes. But do not wait until they turn into gruel. Not all kids like food of such consistence.

Take half an apple, half a pear and 1/3 banana, peel them and cut small. You can use fruits as a whole, but then remember you will have to help your kid eating this big portion. If a kid has no allergy, you can vary fruits at your discretion: adding kiwi or grapes, in summer – currants, raspberries, cherries or sweet cherries without pits.

Add ground fruits to flakes and raisins, after you pour off water or milk, they were soaking in.

Then season dish with half glass fruit yogurt (milk or cream) and mix carefully. You can also use children curds for seasoning. You can add sour cream or condensed milk also, but only if your kid is older.

Ground walnuts or hazelnuts (do this especially carefully, as a kid can choke with a big piece) and add flakes.


Make a note:

- Corn flakes prevent cancerous diseases.

- Apples prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cholesterol level. They are especially recommended for diabetics.

- Pears and pear juice are good for those who suffer from diabetes and nephrolith.

- Cherry, apples and raspberries contain much iron that is so necessary for anemia prophylaxis. Cherry juice improves appetite.

- Sweet cherry strengthens vessels and helps while rheumatic diseases. It is also a diuretic and cholagogue.

- Black currant that contains much vitamin C helps while exhaustion, collapse, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

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