Pregnancy sickness: ways of struggle

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593540-020.jpg1. Do not hurry to start a new day. Do not jump out of bed harshly. Stretch yourself, move your arms, legs, wake up all sense bodies, and only after this rise. Laying in bed you can nibble a cracker etc., as this is not just magnificence in your situation, but a necessary measure.

2. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. If you still do this, you should know it causes sickness and vomiting.

3. Do not overeat or hunger. Eat small portions, but often. Eat simple food. Always take a pack of crackers and other useful things with you, to avoid hunger and snacking something harmful.

4. Sufficient quantity of liquid. During pregnancy sufficient quantity of liquid is very important. Do not drink much at one go, drink small portions between meals, then you will avoid a sense of overeating and sickness. Prefer simple water and fresh juices.

5. Take vitaminic complexes. You need to receive sufficient quantity of vitamins and microelements. If you cannot take vitamins sufficient, try eating them with a cracker or drinking with water.

6. Avoid strong scents. Strong scents and spicy food can provoke sickness. Try to avoid contacts with household chemical goods, ask your close people helping you with cleaning. Try to keep windows open while cooking.

7. Rest more. Weakness and tiredness intensify sickness. Try to sleep more every day, afternoon sleep is an ideal variant, if it’s impossible, try going to bed earlier, do not overstrain yourself.

8. Write down foods you eat. This will help you determining foods causing sickness and planning appropriate diet.

9. Mint. This pant is famous for its calming and refreshing effects. Mint tea is used while all kinds of digestive system disorders, including pregnancy sickness.

10. Ginger. This plant also can relieve sickness. You can spice food with ginger or drink a ginger tea.

11. Lemon and lime scents. These fruits scents help coping with sickness. You can use both natural essential oils and fresh fruits.

12. Experiment with massage of special active points of organism.

13. Reduce quantity of stressful situations. Stress provokes sickness, so if you sense negative emotions, try watching your breathing, make deep breaths and exhalations. This will help overcoming emotional splash. If you still cannot forget anxious, unpleasant thoughts, talk to a close person sincerely, go for a walk, cinema, move negative thoughts aside.

14. Apply for a doctor, if above-mentioned advices bring no result, and also if your sickness is so strong, that you cannot eat or drink during whole day.

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