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sb10064404u-001.jpgTravels are quite safe for a pregnant woman, if she has no complications. Anyway, before planning some trip, you need to consult your doctor. Here are several advices that will help you choosing a kind of traffic and make your trip more comfortable.

Second trimester is the best time for flights, during this period sickness does not bother you anymore and you do not feel so tired, like during the first trimester.

Most airlines do not allow pregnant women with gestation term longer than 36 weeks entering board, so, you probably will have to receive a reference that confirms your term. Cruisers have their own requirements as for the latest term for pregnant women to travel. As for car trips, here you decide everything, but remember that such long-distance travels are not very comfortable. Railway does not restrict pregnant women in terms.

While traveling by air, choose seats close to entrance and gangway. This will make your boarding and debarkation easier, as a plane gangway is rather narrow.

Avoid long standing in lines.

While traveling by car, stop for rest more often, walk and lie for a while.

Put on loose and comfortable cloth. Do not be lazy to take a small pillow for your back with you.

Airport food is not very wholesome and fresh, besides, it is also expensive. Plane food contains much salt. Take dried fruits and nuts with you to have a snack. Do not forget about a bottle of clean water. You should drink water (water, not tea, coffee or juices) quite often to avoid dehydration of your organism.

In Europe pregnancy and childbirth is not a reason to restrict yourself in pleasures, traveling somewhere or even going out. However, it is not good for a pregnant woman going somewhere by a bus tour. Besides, traveling by bus also has a line of minuses: lack of room, irregularity of sanitary stops. In general, pregnant women should avoid bus trips.

In conclusion, we would like to say that a well-planned travel, with a special comfort, will bring you lots of pleasure. And, as you know, pleasures are very good for pregnant women.

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