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The former Spice Girl is madly in love with boyfriend Jade Jones and she`s the bookies` favourite to win BBC1 hit Strictly Come Dancing

LIFE couldn`t be sweeter for Emma Bunton.

The former Spice Girl is madly in love with boyfriend Jade Jones and she`s the bookies` favourite
to win BBC1 hit Strictly Come Dancing.

The tiny blonde reveals how turning 30 helped her to move away from her Baby
Spice image - and how she can`t wait to become Mummy Spice.

As part of the biggest-ever girl group, Emma was known as the sweet-faced, girl-next-door
for more than a decade.

She admits: “I think I`ve only ever let the public see one side of me - the cheery,
happy person. So Strictly Come Dancing was an opportunity to show another side.”

Emma`s every move through training is followed by the show and she says: “It
can be quite tiring to have cameras in your face all the time.

“But at least it proves that I`m moody in the mornings. I can be grumpy and throw
strops like everyone else!”

She adds: “I`m a big telly fan and I`ve always loved Strictly Come Dancing.

“When I was offered the chance to be on show, Jade reminded me that during the
last series I said it would be the only reality show I would ever do - so it really
came back to bite me on the bum!

“I called Mel C for advice as she did The Games and she told me to go for it.

“Then I called Victoria (Beckham) and she said, `I love that show.` That really
gave me the confidence to go for it.”

Emma admits that turning 30 was a big milestone. She says: “I didn`t freak out
about it at all, I wasn`t worried. But it does make you think about the future
and what you want out of life.”

The singer recently moved out of her penthouse in Hampstead, North West London,
to a sprawling home in Hertfordshire with fellow pop star Jade.

She beams as she spills the beans on their relationship, saying: “He is absolutely
the man for me.

“He is always so supportive - he`s been gigging with his own band but he`s come
down to nearly every Strictly Come Dancing show to watch me.

“He`s only missed two shows and those were the weeks I did badly. So now I make
him come down - he`s my lucky charm! Living together is so much fun - we just
enjoy being with each other.

“He is the most amazing cook and makes me dinner every night because I`ve been
so tired. He makes a mean Thai green curry and great roast potatoes.”

The couple have been dating for nine years and had a six-month split early on.

Emma says: “We were such babies when we met. I was 21 and Jade was 19, my toyboy.
But we had to give each other space and time to breathe to find out what we both

“We found we wanted to be together though, so the split didn`t last long.”

When I ask about marriage rumours, Emma reveals: “I keep reading we`re engaged
and I did turn to Jade and say, `So, where`s the ring?`

“But honestly, we`re happy as we are. There are no plans for marriage but I`ve
no doubt he`s the one.”

With Spice pals Victoria Beckham a married mum-of-three, Mel B a mum-of-one and
Geri Halliwell a new mum, Emma confesses she can`t wait to have children.

She says: “I do have moments of being broody, I adore children and I know that
children will be on the cards.

“Geri`s baby Bluebell is so beautiful. I saw them the other day and Geri is so
chilled out, it`s lovely. And I love Mel B`s daughter Phoenix, she`s gorgeous.”

I ask about a Spice Girls reunion and Emma reveals it WILL happen - one day.

She says: “It would definitely be great at some point but everybody is so busy
with their own projects at the moment. It doesn`t look likely for the next year
or so.

“But we all want to do it - it`s more of a question of when, not if.”

Emma has been in the public eye since she was 18. She was the youngest of the
Spice Girls, who exploded on the scene and found global fame in the 1990s.

Debut single Wannabe reached No1 in July 1996, as did their following five singles.
Their nicknames - Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh - helped them become household
names as they promoted “girl power.”

The band never formally split but their last recording was in 2000.

Emma has since launched a successful solo career.

She has just released new single Downtown and an album, Life In Mono, will follow.

When I ask what the significance of the album title is, Emma says: “It`s about
me finally moving on, putting the past behind me. This is my third solo album
but I really feel now that this is me - having found my feet and my own style
- on my own. I`m really, really happy with this album.”

Emma has been lucky enough to steer clear of the harsh glare of the media spotlight
her pal Victoria lives under.

She admits: “I think it must be very hard and very stressful to live with that
level of intrusion - but she`s a great mum and a great businesswoman.”

Emma also says that Posh is her favourite style icon, adding: “Vic keeps telling
me she loves the dresses on Strictly Come Dancing so if I get into the final and
do well, only Vic can choose my dress. She was always thin and careful about what
she ate. I always think she looks amazing.”

            Despite rumours to the contrary, pop pixie Emma insists all the Spice Girls
remain good friends, adding: “We all live in different places, in different countries.

“But there was such chemistry between us. We were really close - that doesn`t
just go.

“At the end of the day there is no one else who knows what we went through.

“I can`t pick up the phone to have a giggle and a laugh about things that happened
with anyone else. We share the same stories and memories.”

Emma feels lucky to have a successful solo career.

She says: “It`s so hard nowadays, if you don`t get a No1 hit you`re dropped by
your record company. It`s a harsh business.

“There are so many manufactured bands - that`s what we always tried to steer
clear of being.” Now she has other things to fear - such as embarrassing herself
on Strictly Come Dancing.

She giggles: “I have to wear high heels and I`ve always got this fear that I`m
going to trip up.

“I remember falling flat on my face with the Spice Girls on the MTV Europe Awards.
I was wearing huge platform shoes. It was so embarrassing. It haunts me to this

After suffering blisters and incredibly sore feet from training for the TV show,
Emma reveals how she got her biggest injury to date while dancing with partner
Darren Bennett.

She laughs: “We were so happy with our performance a couple of Saturdays ago
that we all went out for a few drinks.

“I wasn`t drunk but I was a bit tipsy, shall we say, and we were dancing in this
bar and Darren grabbed me and didn`t catch me - so I fell on the floor and now
I have a badly bruised bum.”

She whispers in mock horror: “I bet you never thought Baby Spice would say that!”

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