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Do you know that Britney Spears stated she was not satisfied with pregnancy wear offered in the market and started realization of her own ideas in the sphere? So, let`s talk about clothes

Do you
know that Britney Spears stated she was not satisfied with pregnancy wear
offered in the market and started realization of her own ideas in the sphere?
So, let`s talk about clothes.
gives special beauty to a pregnant woman. And, as a matter of fact, her clothes
are not so important. A woman remains a woman during all times. And she often
meets talks about her natural beauty with a sarcastic smile. Such woman needs
looking excellent and like herself always.
won`t prevent you from wearing stylish and beautiful clothes. To the contrary,
it will give you an opportunity to experiment. Give free play to your
imagination! Pregnancy wear doesn`t include shapeless sarafans and dresses with
lots of incredible tucks. Pregnancy means feminity. So, don`t hide it, but accentuate!
choosing wardrobe, you will need to consider some requirements to clothes, to
provide yourself with good state of health and avoid harm for your baby. Cloth
should definitely be lose and comfortable, not to restrain motions, allow
breathing freely. During pregnancy your wardrobe should consist of light
natural materials - flax, cotton, silk, wool. These materials are “breathing”,
don`t break natural skin work, don`t impede dermal respiration and sweating.
It`s good
if trousers, skirts and dresses have adjustable waist, this way you won`t feel
uncomfortable while your belly is growing. During pregnancy load on whole
organism, including leg vessels, increases. That`s why it`s better to avoid
wearing long socks and tight stocking.
pregnant woman should move as much as possible, choice of footwear is of big
importance. You will have to refuse from high-heel shoes and boots. High heel
causes additional load on backbone, changes uterus position relatively backbone
and belly “sags”, belly tissues stretch very much, uncomfortable sensations
appear. So you should try choosing comfortable, stable footwear, better on
natural leather sole.
special attention to lingerie. It should definitely be natural - cotton or
flax. Synthetic lingerie can cause various irritation, itch. Bras should be
comfortable to toe maximum, not tight or too loose. The matter is that breast
does not have muscles, which could support it and prevent stretching of breast
tissues while weighting. That`s why supporting bra should be quite thick, with
wide shoulder-straps, rather deep not to deform breast and squeeze it in the
Concerning pants, they also should be natural. Today market offers lots
of models of pants for pregnant women. They all have special edge. In summer
you need to wear thin cotton pants, when it`s cold it`s better to put on pants
from thicker cotton, and in winter - switch to panties.


On later terms of pregnancy you can wear bandage. But only in case of emergence. If you can do
without bandage - that`s great! You know, uterine and abdominal muscles should
train to provide normal delivery. Bandage helps while painful sensations in
waist, big and saggy belly, threatened miscarriage or heightened
uterine tonus. Choose bandage with responsibility. Bandage should not tighten
belly too much, allowing muscles to work freely.

Remember, bandage has only supporting function! You should put in on


These are all requirements to pregnancy wear.
We would like to advise
you - don`t buy too many things at once. What for? Try to save money, combining
trousers, skirts, waistcoats, blouses, sarafans, nice bright tops and T-shirts.


And remember, being pregnant means being stylish and beautiful. Now
pregnant women don`t hide smooth roundish belly. Pregnancy is the best period
for experiments with your own wardrobe and image, leaving a woman freedom of
her lifestyle choice. 

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