Fetal development. 12 week old babies smile and yawn in a womb

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A new method of fetal development ultrasound investigation allowed scientists receiving unique pictures of a 12-week old baby in a mother`s womb for the first time

As pictures show, in this age fetus can already move, yawn and rub eyes.
Earlier scientists represented pictures of smiling babies in a mother`s womb.
These pictures were included in a fetal development book called “Look - I`m growing!”.
A usual fetal development ultrasound investigation carried out on 12th and 20th
weeks of pregnancy gives two-dimensional images of fetus.
It allows doctors evaluating fetal development, but says almost nothing about its
Fetal development. Smiles and yawns

Scientists managed to perfect this approach and receive not only 3D images, but also video image of fetus. According to experts, this firstly shows that fetal behavior is complicated on the earliest stage of fetal development. “Probably, in future we will be able to diagnose and cure genetic diseases, such as cerebral palsy”. - scientists said.
In particular, fetal development pictures represented by professors show that:
in the age of 12 weeks a baby can stretch himself and
even move in an uterus; and this happens long before a mother can feel her
baby`s motions
in the age of 18 weeks babies can open their eyes;
earlier doctors considered that this happens only after 26 weeks of pregnancy
in the age of 26 weeks babies behave “childly”: smile,
cry, hiccup and do sucking movements (earlier doctors supposed that babies
started smiling only 1,5 months after birth).
A new fetal development investigation technology is still expensive and inaccessible; 1-hour procedure costs about
275 pounds (about 500 $).

As it is expected, discoveries, made by researchers, will pour oil on flames of old disputes between adherents and opponents of abortions.

English doctors consider that abortions are possible up to 24th week of pregnancy without risk for mother`s health.

However, new data can become an additional argument of people standing against abortions, considering that fetus is a human creature already since the moment of conception and this way any abortions are illegal, as it is a homicide.

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