Furniture damages children health

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Millions of young people use pieces of furniture, meant for adults, at home and school every day. However, computers, mousse and furniture are rarely made for a child`s organism

of young people use pieces of furniture, meant for adults, at home and school
every day. However, computers, mouse and furniture are rarely counted on a
child`s organism.
state that this will definitely lead to health problems.
tension represents significant risk of development of pathologies, especially
considering the fact that children`s muscles and bones are still forming.
parents do not allow a 8 year-old child using cricket bat or bicycle for
adults, however, they do not worry, when their children are sitting huddling
themselves up without support and with overstrained wrists for a long time” -
scientists inform.
They pay
attention to the fact that nowadays they take lots of measures to reduce risk
of development of pathologies in children, working with PC. At the same time,
little attention is paid to health of children, working with the same equipment
for hours.
there`re facts, saying that it`s too late to struggle with some problems
already”, - they suppose.
published results of their research with participation of more than 2000 young
boys. They informed that 36% of 11-14 year-old teenagers suffer from serious
back pains.
As an
example, they show other research`s data, where they found that people,
suffering from back pains at school, feel pain in adult age too.
“In other
words, future man power is already damaged, having not started working in hard
adult conditions yet. Such picture causes disturbance: children work under
conditions, which affect their present and future health”.
consider that it`s necessary to work our atmosphere, adapted to children
. They also inform that it`s necessary to carry out new ergonomic
researches to study load organism of a child, working with computer constantly,
They also
suppose that principles of ergonomics, applied at working place widely, should
also be used at schools, to reduce risk for schoolchildren`s health.
ask parents observing their children, when they work with computer, so that
they would sit right and make a regular break. 

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