Childbirth contributes to woman`s development

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Motherhood affects woman`s intellect positively. According to researchers, after childbirth a woman`s brain starts developing quickly


affects woman`s intellect positively. According to researchers, after
childbirth a woman`s brain starts developing quickly. As they discovered, childbirth
affects positively not only woman`s intellect. Researches also showed the
effect of delivery on women, who decided to give birth to a baby in late age.
gives women a powerful incentive to ability of memorization and education.
state that positive effect of childbirth, connected with change of size and
form of separate brain areas, can last for several decades. Reasons of positive
changes in brain are connected with hormone-inhibiting, and also stirring up of
its structures, appearing during baby care. Hormonal changes during pregnancy,
delivery and breastfeeding increase sizes of cells and separate brain areas.
mother`s speech can be limited with baby talk and calling, but their brain is
developing rapidly as they adapt themselves to changes, connected with
childbirth. Scientists also observe intensification of perception, due to which
women learn a baby, orienting, in particular, on smells and sounds.
The problem is that most mothers are too exhausted during first time after
delivery, to use their new intellect actively, moreover, their presence are masked
with inevitable not getting enough sleep. Researchers write: “Motherhood is
connected with many advantages, as mother`s brain tries to “grow” to meet
requirements, made by its new state”.


Doctors spoke about use of late pregnancy since long ago. In case with
late childbirth female brain receives additional strengths during that very
period, when usually memory decrement, peculiar to
mature age, starts. Thus, mental health is prolonged.


Besides, childbirth, according to scientists, affects
positively not only woman`s intellect, but also her general physical state.
Regardless of the fact that with time woman`s health weakens and physiologic
load can be beared more difficultly, than in young age, while childbirth after
40 hidden reserves of organism are engaged - you know, now woman should manage
growing a baby.

However, father also has a chance to grow wiser after
childbirth. Man cannot rely on hormonal changes, stimulating brain activity,
however, if he takes active part in child`s upbrining, then stimulation of
brain, also connected with new tests, will lead to improvement of its work.

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