Late pregnancy prolongs woman`s life

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Early pregnancy, short intervals between pregnancies, big quantity of children, and also childlessness reduce women`s lifetime

, short intervals between pregnancies, big quantity of children, and
also childlessness reduce women`s lifetime. And to the contrary, women, who
decided to give birth to a baby after 40, have stronger health and high life span.
investigated data about big groups of English and American women and noticed
some rules. Thus, participants of the research, who gave birth to children with
intervals shorter that 18 months, in the age upwards 50 years were 20% more
disposed to serious diseases up to lethal outcome comparing with those, whose
intervals between pregnancies were longer. Health of mothers of 5 and more
children also was weaker, than their coevals`, who had no more than 2 children.
Reasons of
such after-effects can include stresses while upbringing of big quantity of
children or 2 children with small age difference, physiological overstrain of
organism, and also necessity to save on one`s own health, which moms, having
many children, often face.
to scientists, early pregnancy can also cause quick decay in older age. In this
case health problems can be caused by a future mother`s organism`s unpreparedness for pregnancy, and also
stress, connected with restrictions, too early motherhood imposes on a girl`s
further life.
women, who became mothers after 40, were healthier, than their coevals, and had
higher life span. Probably, this is connected with the fact that, as a
rule, women with strong health go for late childbirth.
mechanism works in case with childless women. Their life span is not too high,
and this can be explained by their weak health and diseases, which prevented
them from starting a family in young age.
However, in a number of such cases,
you cannot also exclude negative influence of stress and depression, connected
with feeling of loneliness and lack of family support in old age.
doctors speak about use of late pregnancy since long ago, regardless of somehow
weakened health, and also physical load and stresses. The matter is that hidden
reserves of organism are switched on while childbirth after 40 - you know, now
woman should manage to grow a child. According to English scientists, mature
moms have all chances to live to be a hundred. 

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