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By the third month of pre-natal development all systems, necessary for life support after delivery are formed. During rest 6 months these systems are maturing and learning co-working under main computer`s guidance, controlling human vital functions, - his brain

By the
third month of pre-natal development all systems, necessary for life support
after delivery are formed. During rest 6 months these systems are maturing and
learning co-working under main computer`s guidance, controlling human vital
functions, - his brain.
Each new
life is unique
recently we were assured that a baby was developing only physically in a
mother`s womb, and his intellectual-psychological forming started only after
birth. Meanwhile, during last 25 years lots of scientific data appeared,
proving that human biological (physical) and psycho-emotional development
passes simultaneously since the moment of conception.
Each man
is unique since the moment of conception. They suppose that not only
biological, but also intellectual-psychological events of previous generations
are written in genetic memory. Besides, parents, giving birth to a new man, are
unique by themselves as for their state of health and intellectual level. Along
with this only one spermatozoon of million and only one ovule of thousand ones,
unique in their structure, connected during conception. This happened in a
certain place on Earth, while unique moon and planets, state of electromagnetic
field, sun`s activity and many other factors, which will never be repeated in
such combination. That`s why we should treat any developing life, abilities and
possibilities of every man with proper respect.
recent time doctors lived with knowledge that fetus is deaf and dumb, sees and
feels nothing, has no memory and thinking. We lived with an idea that uterus is
a circuit, where light and sound cannot penetrate, and placenta - is a strong
barrier, which protect fetus from harmful substances (alcohol, drugs, nicotine,
coffee, medicines). Considering all this, we could allow ourselves behaving the
way we wanted, not thinking about the fact that a future baby could feel and
experience something, that formation of his character had already started. At
the same time, today new methods of researches allowed scientists looking into
uterine cavity, “visit” a future baby, take a picture of him, shoot and observe
life of a human before birth for a long time.
neurologists and psychologists came to a conclusion that human character is in
fact being formed during pre-natal period, and after birth correction starts.
Parents often do not notice that a baby demonstrates their own features to
them. So, if you want your baby being kind, intellectual, you need to show
these qualities during pregnancy and after birth.
As term of
delivery approaches, women start worrying more, what can lead to disorder of
labour activity normal development, when administration of various medicines or
operative delivery are necessary. Besides, fear a mother feels during
pregnancy, is caught by a baby, and, as researches showed, is kept in human
memory for many years, being displayed in the form of various disorders in his
physical and psychic health.
role is also very important during pre-natal baby development. Firstly, he gave
genetic material to a baby and in fact laid, like a mother did, his future
possibilities. Secondly, father shows his attitude to a baby though his
attitude to mother, his live for her. However, it`s necessary to remember that
he should be sincere. You know, besides verbal information circuit - word, there`re
also look, intonation, touch, which cannot be imitated.
Formation of
baby`s physical health
One of the
most important factors in formation of physical health is timely correct6ion of
a baby`s bearing. Since ancient times we know that “our health is in our
spine”. Dysspondylism is a reason of huge quantity of functional disorders and
dystrophic damages
of different organs, pain syndrome, asthenia.
Age of 6-7
years is a critical period in a baby`s life, when most physiological functions
stop their formation.
important (also “critical”) period in a child`s life is pubescence, formation
of sex constitution. Imposition of form-building
effects of sex hormones on initial somatic constitution causes temporary desynchronization,
disharmony in work of organs and systems.
Problem of
nutrition is of a special importance. With help of nutrition you can influence
formation of constitution and control physical and psychic health. First of
all, these possibilities are connected with informative influence of food
ingredients and their caloric value. Informative influence includes guide
paths, modeling metabolism of influence of biologically active substances,
vitamins, microelements. In early age, for example, role of iodine, iron and
calcium is of special importance. Girls, backward in sexual development, need
more copper.
Mother is
the fist baby`s universe
Now it`s
not a secret that a baby leads active life in a mother`s belly: he moves, sucks
finger, turns head to a source of sounds interesting to him, “plays” with umbilical
cord. Everything a mother does is passed to a baby in this or that way. You
know, mother is the first baby`s universe, his “live raw materials base”
both from material and psychological point of view. For example, taste of
amniotic fluid changes depending on food a mother eats. Many fetus reactions
are connected with a mother`s state. When a mother worries, a baby starts
moving brokenly, when medicines are administrated in a mother, he makes a
displeased grimace. A baby experiences all states of a mother on a hormonal
level. Information, coming from a mother, is very important for fetus. This is
a necessary condition for brain development. We should note that now there`re
versions, saying that basic trust or distrust to the world starts being formed
right during pre-natal period, this is laid on information, coming to a baby
from his mother.
starts since
conception, not birth

principles and methods of pre-natal education on modern level are being
reanimated all over the world, they are often supplemented with religious views. However, role of medicine in
many pre-natal educational centers is still quite limited.
Of course,
modern routine control of pregnancy includes care about fetus, but in most
cases - of its vegetative, not emotional state.
with thalidomide, harmless, prima facie, sleeping-draught, led to birth of many
freaks, born without extremities. And in 1995 in Copenhagen they carried out a
research of adult people, born from mothers, who received barbiturates as sleeping-draughts
during pregnancy. Results turned to be impressive: intelligence quotient
and other criteria of intelligence turned to be 7-12% worse in such people,
than in people of same age, education and social status.
psychologists consider that “life starts since conception, not birth”. So, the
things a person feels, starting from conception, will have significant
influence on his physical and psychological development. Researches of pre- and
post-natal psychology showed that music has colossal stimulating influence on
emotional and psychomotor development of both fetus and
newborn. If pregnant woman listens to tender, sweet music, then this affects
fetus is some way, and after birth babies react to the music they already
“heard” before birth more actively.
there`re lots of various educational programs for a non-born baby, which,
according to inventors, give a possibility to give birth to “emotionally stable
babies” with high grade of intelligence. Such children are more
active, they smile, sit up and start walking and speaking earlier, and they
have deeper bonds of love with parents. Regardless of home circumstances,
conflicts and relationships, lack of money, problems with food - no matter how
hard your everyday life is, future moms, you still should find at least several
minutes every day to think about eternal things, kindness, listen to beautiful
music, give yourself small pleasure, - each merry and kind moment will be
intensified many times and become a part of your future baby`s essence.
Talk to
him, send him your love, tenderness. Every day imagine your baby, talk to him,
concentrate your thoughts and all your love on him, at least during 5 minutes.
This secret dialogue takes place always - exchange with feelings and
sensations. We just cannot feel it properly, due to our inability to
concentrate. But if a future mother concentrates on thoughts about her baby
every day, listens to him, penetrates into his secret life in her thoughts,
concentrates her attention on him, talks to him, passes him her warmth, caress,
then she creates deepest relationships with her future baby, establishing
prenatal cords of affection with him.
Hi baby,
I`m your daddy
advise: “Touch your belly and say: “Baby, listen very attentively. I`m your
mother and I say to you: “Go the road of beauty, deity and truth in your life.
I want you to be wonderful physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
You should always try being kind, loving, useful to people, brave and fearless.
Don`t allow other people treating you wrongly. Regardless of events in your
life, you will always be cheerful. You will be brave and fearless in work of
creation of a new world”.
concerns a future father too. If husband wants a baby not to cry, hearing a
strange voice after birth, put your hand on a wife`s belly every day and say:
“Hi, baby, I`m your daddy, I`m waiting for you gladly, we will be friends”, -
or something like this. Researchers noted that “injudicious” newborns turned
head towards man`s voice, known to them, and they didn`t cry, but smiled. Dear
dads, if you want to be loved by your children, learn expressing this love for
your future babies through your love for your pregnant wife.
thinking and gift for languages, according to American researchers,
are formed since 4th month of pregnancy and up to beginning of third year of
life. So, the more words on different languages a baby hears during this
period, the easier he will master foreign language in further.
Emotional climate in a family is very
important, its purpose is conciliation, kindness and cheerful expectation of a
new person. A woman, talking to her future baby, reading him poems, listening
to her favorite music, is constantly attuned to the same emotional wave with
her baby. She always remembers that mother and baby represent a single organic
and this will provide a baby with emotionally positive start in life.


When a couple of newly wedded asked a sage in
the middle of their honey moon, when they should start their future baby`s
education, he answered: “You are 2 weeks late”. 

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