Eternal question: who are more intelligent, boys or girls?

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Dyslexia - is a term, meaning inability or absence of ability to learn reading

is a term, meaning inability or absence of ability to learn reading. According
to international research, boys suffer from dyslexia
twice more often, than girls. And the matter is not in the fact that boys are
easier to diagnose - they are more emotionally vulnerable in children


Scientists from UK and
New Zealand investigated 10 000 children, whom they gave a standard test to
evaluate their reading skills.
Dyslexia was
diagnosed in approximately 18022% of boys, and 8-13% of girls. Children passed
this test several times, starting from 7 and up to 15 years. Many earlier
researches` mistake was the fact that 
scientists chose patients wrongly - they investigated children with
already discovered paralexia.


In their turn, experts from National Center for Learning
Disabilities, USA consider that boys
do not necessarily suffer from dyslexia
more often, they suppose that teachers underestimate this problem in girls.
Girls` psychological behavioral model makes revealing of these reading defects
more difficult, and they are not worried with it too much. In general, as usual,
women turned to be more skilful. As a rule, girls, suffering from dyslexia,
sit silently, pretending they understand everything, and in fact they don`t.


Probably, such researches for adult people of both sexes would be
relevant. 80% of 3 millions of American boys, who have problems with education,
have dyslexia.
Such children`s level of intellectual development corresponds to norm, but they
have troubles understanding written, and then spoken language.
According to
some data, cerebral processes, connected with reading, distinguish in men and
women significantly, and it is considered, that girls master language skills
much quicker. There`s an opinion that sexual peculiarities have no importance
for a problem of dyslexia.
Specialists from Yale University state that boys
are sent to special reading classes relatively more often, but quantity of boys
and girls in them are equal. Nowadays they investigate a possibility to execute
special genetic researches to discover concrete connection of a disease with sex attribute. 

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