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Slow-moving way of living affects many human organs and systems negatively. Reproductive system is no exception: slow-moving women can have problems with conception

way of living affects many human organs and systems negatively. Reproductive
is no exception: slow-moving women can have problems with conception. It
is notable that some women, who lead passive way of living and could not
conceive for a long, gain joy of maternity soon after they start paying
attention to their physical shape. There`re no doubts, exercising during pregnancy,
organized the right way, helps its harmonious passing, prepares woman for
delivery, affect post-natal period positively. There`re also other purposes of
Maintaining good physical shape, attraction, woman`s
weight control.
Relieving of diseases (struggle with constipations, haemorrhoids,
insomnia etc.).
Improvement of blood circulation.
Instruction in relaxation.
Improvement of psychological state.
divide pregnant women in two groups: first one includes women, who know hot to
work out  their own bodies, second -
women, who have never gone in for sport before.
Women, who are used to train constantly, and professional sportswomen
will have to ease off, and in number of cases direct their efforts in other
channel. The safest period for exercising - is second trimester; during first
and third ones you should behave more carefully. Pregnant women, regardless of
kind of sport they go in for, should avoid trainings, connected with jumps,
skip jumping, vibration, oxygen hunger, cooling and overheating, and also
fraight with falls, traumas, blows in belly.
Now let`s proceed
to concrete kinds of sport.
-         Running. During first trimester it`s better to switch
to walking, then running trainings with reduced load can be recommenced for
several months, but only if your doctor allows.
-         Skiing. Under the condition of reduction of intensity
of trainings, and if your doctor does not mind, you can do skiing during
practically whole period of pregnancy. Highland skiing is
prohibited - both because of oxygen starvation and danger of fall.
-         Volleyball. Is categorically prohibited.

-         Cycling. Probability of falls represents biggest danger.
So you can continue trainings during first months of pregnancy only if you
reduce loads and show greatest caution.

-         Skating. Same can be said about this kind of sport, as
for cycling.

-         Equestrian sport. It`s better to refuse from it
completely during pregnancy.

-         Tennis. You can continue trainings up to 4-5 months,
if doctor allows you and if you reduce loads. As falls are still probable, even
in you reduce loads, and a game itself is connected with skip jumps, in some
cases it`s better to stop trainings for a period of pregnancy. 
-         Sky-jumping. Trainings during pregnancy are impossible.
-         Swimming is a wonderful way of spending time and invigoration
during pregnancy. But, before you dip into a swimming-pool or river, ask
yourself: is this water clear? Beware of sexually transmitted infections, and also those
which come to water with faeces. Choosing a swimming-pool, ask how often they
clean water, whether they need any medical certificates from you, how many
people swim there etc. Swimming in open reservoirs (for example, in river or
pond) is not recommended during pregnancy.
-         Diving is prohibited during pregnancy.
The fact
that sportswomen are used to take care about their full-value allowance, can
control water schedule, feel their norm of loads, what is very important
while trainings for pregnant women, is very good.
usage of a whole number of dopes and anabolic preparations is prohibited during
Now let`s
talk about undisciplined women. There`s an opinion, that during first weeks of
while it still brings no physical discomfort, you can and should improve your
physical shape for following months. A woman thinks this way: until I have a
possibility to jump, train, exercise, until everything is ok, - I need doing
this, later I won`t be able. In fact, everything is quite the reverse.
During first weeks of pregnancy, while choripnic villi are still
functioning instead of placenta, ovule can be compared wit a seed, planted in
soil recently. Sprout has taken roots, but it still small, and can spring out
while rough usage.
The same
thing happens with a human embryo - during first time it requires very delicate handling.
During first months risk of threatened miscarriage is higher, than during following ones, what can be a
result of physical load, disproportionate with pregnancy: very often a woman
leads very active way of living on early terms, carries heavy bags and etc. Of
course, this is not the only, but still important reason of miscarriages.
If you
still decided to repair an omission for years of slow-moving way of living, on
no account do this rashly, for example, following advices of
beauties-sportswomen, offering these or that gymnastic exercises on TV.
Choose the
closest way for you: you can study according to books for pregnant women, where
exercises are mainly counted on breathing and muscular training, necessary
during delivery; you can attend one of 
special schools for pregnant, where there`re courses of special
gymnastics, and, finally, you can search for a sports club with special groups
for pregnant. Second and third variants can turn being more comfortable
according to a number of reasons:
many woman prefer training all together,
such trainings can have great bracing and healthful
a professional trainer controls your actions and shows
you your mistakes, he can also offer you a program, worked out especially for
your possibilities.
The first
and second variants are mainly counted for a period of pregnancy, third one -
exercising in a fitness club - can be longer. Let`s examine it more carefully.
will help you
trimester is optimal time to start training. And if a woman was exercising
during first three months, then, as a rule, in second trimester “repertory” of
exercises widens.
of heaving exercises, strengthening muscles, and aerobics, training
cardio-vascular system, provides most harmonizing effect. Exercises in
specialized groups for pregnant women differ from general sport clubs` group
practice. Of all variants of trainings they choose most sparing exercises and
calm rhythm for you. For example, during pregnancy aerobics with jumps, skip
jumps, complicated choreography, high-intensity step are impossible, but the
simplest level of step-aerobics, treadmill, specialized low-intensity aerobics
are practiced. Heaving exercises will be carried out with lower weight, but
with bigger quantity of sets. Otherwise, you will train not strength, but endurance.
such term, like aerobic pulse zone. This is a cardiac rate diapason, and it`s
not recommended to start training, if it exceeds highest index. Everyone has
his own individual zone, it is determined by cardiac rate in repose during
morning hours, age and state of health. If your pulse rate remains within
limits of this diapason during training, then cardio-vascular, respiratory and
muscular systems work in an optimal mode, and blood contains enough oxygen to
support their normal functioning. If you don`t know your pulse zone, you cannot
start training.
The matter
is that if a pregnant woman trains with bigger intensity, than she can allow
herself fairly, and pulse rate is on an upper limit of diapason, competent for
her, or higher it, then quantity of oxygen in blood lowers, positive effect of
training reduces to zero, and, what is especially dangerous, fetal hypoxia can
be developed. If while training within limits of aerobic zone organism derives
energy, burning its fat depots, then, exceeding upper limit of this zone, you
force organism working, splitting muscular protein.
When a
woman comes to a sports club, she`s firstly asked whether she went in for sport
before pregnancy. If she didn`t, then they will use more sparing approach for
her. A good professional coach or sports doctor of a club will find an
individual aerobic pulse zone according to special tables. While exercising
pregnant women usually exercise on a lower level of pulse zone - their pressure
and pulse are constantly controlled. To control cardiac rate during exercising,
they install special devices in trainers. But such way of cardiac rate
calculation is not always precise. Ideal assistants - are cardiac rate
monitors, which are put on a person - they represent an indicator in the form
of wrist-watch and a special cardio-belt with a sensor. With their help
pregnant woman, who knows her aerobic pulse zone, controls load by herself. If
pulse zone is exceeded, a woman reduced load, for example, starts walking more
of training
for a pregnant woman in a club - is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. As a
rule, 30 minutes are dedicated to training of heart and lungs, rest time -
either to heaving exercises or stretching.
important to maintain water balance during training. A woman is breathing and
sweating actively, besides, decay products, forming during training,
should be led out. So, every 15 minutes it`s recommended to drink 50ml of
mineral water.
Chords and joints change during pregnancy and approaching of delivery.
Chords become more elastic, and joints - more movable. That`s why during this
period you cannot stretch yourself too much, as it`s easy to receive trauma.
One of safety criteria of exercising, connected with stretching, - are painful
sensations. As soon as you feel pain, you should stop exercising. On no account
do crunches and bending during

If your pregnancy is not complicated, you have stable urine and blood
analyses, normal uterine tone, you can keep on doing some elements of fitness
up to delivery. Although more often they recommend stop exercising in the end
of 8th month.


In conclusion we would like to add: when you are going to start doing
some gymnastics, even one from a book for pregnant women, you should consult
your doctor. 

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