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During first months of pregnancy a woman feels tiredness, drowse, she often wants to lie down

first months of pregnancy a woman feels tiredness, drowse, she often wants to
lie down. However, with approaching of childbirth ability to fall asleep disappears,
and organism just needs rest during this period. How to cope with the
When a
future baby is only in the very beginning of his long way, pregnant woman often
feels like she`s taken a sleeping-draught during a day. She does everything not
so quickly, cheerfully and energetically, like before, and feels she wants to
relax, lie down and rest more often. During this time woman needs more time for
sleep. But the reason is not in a baby, but in hormones, which slow down
excessive activity of a future mom. Sense of tiredness, pursuing her during the
first phase of pregnancy, only confirms wisdom of nature, which makes a future
mother to restrain her ardour and “drop speed” to keep her and her baby`s
Of course,
it`s difficult for working women to indulge themselves, that`s why they are
feeling troubles during first 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. During this difficult
period, when organism and woman`s psychological state change, she really needs
repose and rest and should go to bed earlier, than usually, to feel good in the
morning and be able to go to work.
passes through this
2 months
before childbirth everything changes quite opposite! Grown belly and a big
baby in it just don`t give a woman a chance to sleep during whole night calmly.
Belly became heavy and uncomfortable - it props up
ribs and stomach. While turning to other side, you literally have to “put” it
it`s almost impossible to do this without awakening. A favorite and usual
position, in which it`s always so good to fall asleep, - on belly, for example,
- is now just impossible for you!
Urinary bladder makes you to get up. Increased uterus
presses bladder, so that a pregnant woman just cannot sleep through the whole
night; sometimes she has to get up several times for a night.
A future baby behaves actively. A baby in a womb, like
after his birth, cannot sleep during 8 hours and reminds his mom constantly
about his existence. There`s already little space for a baby in uterus, that`s
why his slightest motions awaken a pregnant. Of course, mom is glad to baby
signals, but she still wants to have a rest during night.
Refuse from sleeping-draught
future moms treat such night troubles like absolutely normal “peculiarities” of
their condition and don`t worry too much about it. To the contrary, they think
that nature gives them a chance to adapt themselves to a rhythm, in which they
will be living with a baby after delivery: you know, she will have to get up
several times during a night to feed or calm down a baby (but she will be able
to sleep in the afternoon).
Never make
attempts to achieve desired night`s repose with help of pills, even if you took
them before pregnancy. Such medicines are related to sedative and hypnotic
preparations. Like other medicaments, sleeping-draught penetrates through
placenta easily with blood and affects a baby. Active chemical agents are
stored in his brain and liver and accumulated in organism while repeated use.
Treat yourself
comfortable bed is very important - try to provide yourself with maximal
If you
have a possibility, try to buy a wider bed by the 4th month of
pregnancy. When a baby will grow slightly, he will creep in a parental bed and
you will understand this purchase was not useless.
A future
mom will need a couple of soft pillows - put one under your back, and other -
between knees (it`s comfortable when you sleep on side). They will protect both
from possible draughts and excessive pressure.
A long crescent-shaped
pillow is very comfortable for a pregnant: you can put your head on it, then
such pillow supports belly and can be placed between knees. If you train using
it, such pillow will help you sleeping almost in any position with comfort.
Relaxation and rest for two
An evening
walk helps disposing yourself for a calm sleep excellently. If you moved little
during a day, then it`s no surprise you don`t want to sleep in the evening at
all. A calm walk around park calms down a pregnant woman`s nervous system and
a baby in her belly. However, we don`t recommend you walking along busy city highways
in a cloud of exhaust!
To keep
state of soul balance until the moment of falling asleep, don`t read serious
books and watch TV programs, which can worsen your mood or excite you (for
example, evening news, showing military actions and violence), before going to
pleasant melody also helps to get away from daily matters, you can listen to a
disk with meditative music (put on ear-phones not to disturb your husband).
Researches show that music also calms down a baby, revolting in a belly.
Water also
can help you to relax (some people, to the contrary, become excited because of
hydrotherapeutic procedures),
you can lie in a warm (not hot!) bath for a while or at least put your legs in
it. Addition of lavender, attar of roses, sandal oil or honey and cream will
add a delicate scent to it. This is useful for skin, and pleasant smells relax
and cause drowse.
You cannot
take a bath while high blood pressure or threat of premature birth pangs -
problems with blood circulation can be worsened (consult your doctor for sure).
, which are recommended during a training course,
are safe. While doing them in bed in the evening, you can concentrate much
better. Does every woman have time (and wish) to exercise during a day?
awakening and “interrupted” night`s rest during last weeks before childbirth
should dispose a future mom to a light sleep with a newborn, when she will have
to react to his slightest squeak and motion.
And the last remark, half-humorous onea

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