Gifts for pregnant women: Christmas ideas

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We tried to dream up about Christmas gifts for a future mom a little and offer you a short list, we composed

We tried
to dream up about Christmas gifts for a future mom a little and offer you a
short list, we composed. We did not include gifts, which are certainly pleasant
to any woman. Here we would like to speak about a gift for a pregnant woman.
here`re recommendations for those, who want to spend money wisely and make glad
not only a woman, but a woman who is “in a family way“.
Festive attire.
Every woman dreams to meet Christmas in a new beautiful dress, but, alas, not
everyone can afford herself this, especially if she`s going to wear this dress
only for several months. A chance of inappropriate purchase is not so high, if
you are curious about her wardrobe and size beforehand. You should not think
only about shapeless garments, but choose a slinky dress, accentuating a
woman`s pregnancy. In last case, however, you need to be absolutely sure that,
firstly, a woman will like this cut, and secondly, that you know her size for
people (husband, girlfriend, mother, sister) can make a future mom glad with tights
or pants with special insets for belly.
Boots with
a sole of modern waterproof porous (”breathing”) materials (Gore-tex,
Simpa-tex, Cell) can become an excellent gift. Such boots are rather expensive,
but feet don`t get tired in them, don`t freeze in cold weather, don`t slide (supercooling
and falls are not useful for anyone, but during pregnancy there`re much more
reasons to avoid such cases). And after childbirth, during long walks,
especially in autumn-winter period, a young mom will be able to appreciate close
people’s care. However, don`t forget that boots for a pregnant woman should have
comfortable and simple fastener (and it`s even better to choose a model without
fastener at all: you know, it`s not so easy to zip fastener or lace up boots
independently being on last months of pregnancy). Besides, you should always
remember about check (may be you will need to exchange a wrong size or
inappropriate style!).
and perfumes
In this
case we speak about special cosmetics (creams, scented oils, balms, lotions
etc.) helping to prevent appearance of pigmentation, stretch marks on breast
and belly, varicose veins and other troubles of pregnant women.
We foresee
indignation of “orthodox” part of readers: “How can you speak about wine during
pregnancy?!”. Well, firstly, even strict doctors say that if a pregnant woman
is savoring only one glass of champagne during whole Christmas night, there`s
nothing terrible here. However, it`s another matter - you cannot really present
a glass of champagne! But you can present a

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