Herpes and pregnancy

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To avoid a newborn`s infection with herpes, women, having herpes rash on lips, should wash hands carefully before touching a baby

lips has several names: cold sore on lips,
herpes of lips, herpes labialis. Cold sore on lips is mainly called herpes simplex virus of 1st type. 95%
of people have this virus in their organisms. In rare cases herpes simplex virus
of 2nd type (transmitted during oral sex) is a reason of herpes of lips. Only
5% of people have immunity to herpes simplex virus of 1st
type, which reasons are still not clear.
Virus comes to an organism in early
childhood: at 3-4 years, when antibodies against herpesvirus, passed to
a baby from a mother, run low. Most often infection takes place, if a baby is
kissed by circulators of infection. For example, parents, brothers,
sisters and other relatives. Except kiss, virus can penetrate into organism
together with biological liquids of other people, for example, with saliva.
us, it takes root in mucosae, comes to effectors. Through them, with liquid
flow, nourishing nerves, it comes to head cavity, where it “hides” in nerve
net, called trigeminal ganglion and “sleeps” until activation takes place.
Re-activation of virus is possible, when immunity lowers. Lowering of immunity
can happen because of: cold, flu, menstruation, emotional disorder and stress,
string ultraviolet radiation, excessive use of alcohol, stomach disorder and
virus “wakes up” comes back to skin again. It`s important to know that
branches, innervating lips, tunica mucosa of mouth,
gums, skin on lobe of the ear and part of cheek, come from trigeminal ganglion.
Skin lesions will settle in correspondence with branching nerves. While coming
through a nerve, virus causes inflammation of nerve tissue, what causes pain
along nerve fibers.
Stages of cold sore on lips development
This disease passes IV stages in its
1 stage - tingle
this period most people feel they are falling sick. Before appearing of cold
sore on lips, skin starts itching in corners of lips or internal surface of
lips, or on tongue, or even on all face.
In place,
where herpes relapse will soon be developed, harbingers of the disease appear:
pain, tingle, pricking, itch. Skin becomes red above a place of future relapse.
You can
prevent development of this disease, if you use acyclovir preparations
on this stage. If you suffer from serious itch, you can take one aspirin or paracetamol.
2 stage -
stage of inflammation
, starts from a small painful blister, which is growing
little by little.
Blister is
strained and filled with transparent liquid, which becomes muddy later.
3 stage -
stage of erosion
Blister bursts,
transparent liquid, farced with billions of viral particles, flows out from it.
Small ulcer is formed on its place.
At this
time, a sick person is very infectious, as he secretes a huge quantity of viral
particles in the environment. People are most irritated by this stage because
of painfulness and ulcers on face.
4 stage -
formation of scabs
. Scab is formed on ulcers, when you damage it, you can
suffer from pain and bleeding.
Most often
herpes settles along prolabium, but can also appear on nose, cheeks, ears,
forehead, mouth cavity: on gums, internal surface of lips and cheek.
Advices for herpes infected
Observe rules of personal hygiene strictly. Cold
sore is infectious! Wash your hands with soap before and after contact with
herpes, after you apply anti-viral cream;
Don`t touch you eyes! This especially concerns women
after they complete applying make-up;
Don`t use saliva to moisten contact lenses;
Don`t touch! Despite of itch and pain, you should not
touch rash, kiss, especially with kids, use someone`s lipstick or give yours,
smoke one cigarette with your friend.
Don`t try to remove blisters and scabs, to avoid
passing of infection to other parts of body or joining of bacterial infection;
Refuse from oral sex. Oral sex with cold sore on lips
can become a reason of genital herpes for your partner.
If you have cold sore on lips, use individual dish or
towel, don`t drink from someone`s glassesa

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