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You almost have no time for a full-value lunch? But this is not a reason to refuse from healthy nutrition! The main is choosing right foods, as fast food also can be wholesome

You almost have
no time for a full-value lunch? But this is not a reason to refuse from healthy
nutrition! The main is choosing right foods, as fast food also can be wholesome

You probably know that most people eat much more, than
their organism needs. Moreover, many modern foods are supersaturated with empty
calories in the form of white flour, sugar and transgenic (synthetic) fats. And
fast food dishes are champions in all these harmful substances content. Modern
rate of life leaves no choice for us - we have to visit fast foods, and have
snacks. Wuth such nutrition, it`s difficult to stay slender, healthy and full
of strength. Besides, fast food contains almost no vitamins, minerals,
full-value proteins, fats and carbohydrates. I.e. all substances, which your
organism cannot function normally without.
But what shall you do, if you always exceed the time
permitted for a move and just have no time to cook wholesome food? We will tell
you, how to cook a wholesome snack for yourself and your close people quickly,
and also make a right and healthy choice in fast foods.
Fat from a glass
of aerated water
You can call modern fast food a literally delayed-action bomb.
All these flyer candy bars, sweet aerated drinks, hot-dogs and
patties contain no wholesome substances. Moreover, you can even poison yourself
with some sorts of such foods. The saddest thing is that children and teenagers
suffer from this first of all.
Modern youth has
no idea about balanced nutrition and healthy way of living
According to numerous researches, half of teenagers
has increased level of cholesterol in blood. There`re many “littering” foods in
young people`s daily allowance, such foods contain big quantity of “bad”
(saturated with fatty acids and transgenic) fat and sugar. Children and
teenagers eat irregularly, ignore dairy produce, vegetables and fruits. But
they eat many harmful sweeteners, which are mostly contained in, it would seem,
quite “harmless” foods: juices, yogurts, cheese curds, corn flakes, pastry,
chocolate bars etc. Besides, sweeteners - are a main component of almost all
aerated drinks. Drinking more than 2-3 glasses of them per day, you can break
your metabolism significantly, receive caries, problems with backbone and
joints, not to mention overweight.
Become an example
for your baby
Overweight appears not only as a result of overeating.
Scientists proved, that appearance of obesity is caused by genetics in 30% and
way of living in 70%. Quantity and sizes of fatty cells have a huge importance,
what is directly connected with a pregnant woman`s nutrition. If being on the
14th week of pregnancy (when development of adipose tissue takes
place in fetus) she overeats, then her baby will certainly suffer from obesity.
Overweight in midchildhood and teen age is especially dangerous: wrong
nutrition can lead to obesity and many dangerous “diseases of our civilization”
even in very young age.
Your child`s character of nutrition depends directly
on you. If you teach your baby to healthy food since early age, he will hardly
want to swallow up chocolate bars and hot-dogs every day. But if you eat
harmful food - all your efforts will be unavailing. As you know, children adore
copying adults, and, first of all, their parents. So if you cook vegetables and
porridge for your child and start eating fried potato yourself - he will want
your potato too.
Dietitians insist that a small child should try sweets
and food with artificial flavor intensifiers like sodium glutamate as
much later. By the way, children nutrition should contain no such additions at
all. This will insure a child against formation of unhealthy taste preferences
in future. Don`t take your baby to a supermarket - this way he will avoid
temptations. When a child becomes older, teach him culture of nutrition, for
example, tell about the right way to choose foods. Teach him paying attention
to labels, understanding their meanings.
Don`t rail at him for a pack of chips or nuts he
bought - help him to understand dangers of this or that product: let him
motivating his choice. Then read a label together closely and decide which
wholesome (and tasty!) thing can replace this purchase.
Beauty is an
argument for a teenager
Of course, it`s not necessarily to deprive yourself of
harmful dainties completely - this is one of life pleasures. Knowing whole
truth about fast food, people, taking care of their health, will hardly misuse
doubtful foods.
But what to do with teenagers? Established facts and
numerous arguments telling that unhealthy nutrition is the shortest way to
heart, vessels, circulatory system diseases, diabetes and many other diseases
of our civilization have no influence on them. You know, until your organism is
young, it can stand a lot, and has enough space for slags and toxins. Firstly
children alsmost feel no discomfort, and if some health problems appear, they
just pay no attention to them.
Besides, it`s fashionable and even prestigiously to
eat chocolate bars, drink bear and smoke in a teenagers` sphere. Commercials,
children see and hear every day, present it as necessary attributes of a
stylish way of life. And children don`t think that regular eating of such foods
affects their appearance very negatively. Explain a teenager earnestly, that
the main evil of fast food - is overweight and problem skin, and this is very
This very argument can become the heaviest and most irrefutable one, when
parents try to teach their child to healthy nutrition.
Freedom of choice
If you have at least some time to cook wholesome food,
stop being lazy and cook for yourself and your close peope by yourself, you
know, main life value - health - depends on it! Moreover, cooking of really
wholesome food requires little time. For example, you can prepare home-made
sandwiches - they are much tastier than hamburgers from fast food. For this you
need to prepare various fillings. It`s better to do it on the weekend, when you
have some free time. Here`re several of such useful recipes:
Cotton cheese spread.
Grind cotton cheese (you can use blender), add some
sour cream or butter, onion, grated small, cut greens, salt, pepper. Mix
Liver paste.
Stew or boil liver, mince it, season with spices and
onion, mince another couple of times. You can put an egg, cut in circles, on a
sandwich with such paste.
Home-made cold
boiled pork
Boil a piece of meat, salt, pepper, lard with garlic.
Home-made cold boiled pork combines good in a sandwich with cotton cheese
Keep spread, paste and cold boiled pork in glass crockery
in fridge and use when necessary. This way you will provide yourself and your
family with healthy sandwiches for the whole week.
If you or your close people have to take snacks during
working day, take care about such snacks beforehand. You can prepare a
wholesome home-made sandwich even of ready foods (for example, grain bread,
lettuce leaf, cucumber and tomato circles, ham, cheese).
Put non-aerated soda water, nuts (but not fried or
salted!), various dried fruits in yor bag - you always can satisfy your hunger
with them with use for your health.
Replace chocolate sticks with muesli-sticks.
Take whole-grain crackers with different wholesome
additions like sprout wheat with you on work, instead of sweet buns. Provide
yourself with such snacks beforehand, on the weekend when you purchase fodds
for a week.
If you often visit fast food restaurants, order
vegetable soup, salad, meat, cooked on grill, tea, coffee or fresh juice.
Burger with mayonnaise, fried potato, vegetables,
cooked in big quantity of oil, salads with various fat seasonings, and also
sweet aerated water - are not your food!
Fast food file
Do you often have a snack at fast food restaurants?
You know, each portion contains lots of harmful substances!
Aerated drinks. All
sweet drinks contribute to appearance of overweight and obesity (aerated ones
contain also harmful sweeteners). When a sweetener comes to blood, insulin in
produced, and as there`s no sugar, it starts turning glucose into albumen. It
is proved, that preservatives, used to add taste and scent to drinks, provoke
canal disorders. As a result, sense of hunger appears more often. According to
scientific research institutes, by 2010 year 26 millions of children will have
overweight, and 6,4 millions - suffer from obesity because of sweet drinks.
Fried potato. While
frying in frit, potato absorbs huge quantity of fats. But this is not the most
terrible thing. Almost any fat forms extremely harmful carcinogens while
heating. And as in fast food restaurants fat in frit is changed irregularly -
quantity of carcinogens increases every time!
Transgenic fats. Almost
all food in fast foods is cooked with usage of transgenic fats (received
artificially), for example, margarine.
According to numerous
researches, these fats:
contribute to birth of
babies with low weight;
worsen quantity of milk
in breastfeeding women;
are passed to a baby
with mother`s milk;
increase risk of diabetes
break metabolism;
exhaust immunity.
Obesity - a
modern social scourge
Scientists sound the alarm - humanity grows fat before
its eyes! According to statistics, about 25% of people (about 1,7 billions of
people) suffer from obesity. Fast food - is one of the main culprits of such situation.
And most people are aware of fast food nutrition dangers. Fast food consumption
twice a week and lack of motions increase a risk to have obesity and diabetes

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