9 advices for optimal conception

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Stop using contraceptives. This seems obvious, but some substances have a prolonged effect on organism

1.   Stop using contraceptives. This seems obvious, but some
substances have a prolonged effect on organism. In case with
contraceptive pills doctors recommend waiting for a month or longer
after you stop taking a preparation (you should consult your
gynaecologist about it).

2.    Chronic diseases. High blood pressure, overweight,
diabetes and many other factors (not to mention sexually transmitted
diseases) affect our ability to conceive and give birth to a healthy
baby. However, this does not mean you cannot do it. You just should
approach this question competently and consult with a doctor.

3.    Eat wholesome food. Balanced diet, consisting of
protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grain-crops, with minimum of fat and
sweet is necessary not only during pregnancy, but also before it.

4.    Take folacyn. It prevents development of serious
mental and nervous system defects in fetus, which can be formed in an
embryo since first days, so it`s important to take folacyn yet before

5.    Quit bad habits, such as nicotine, alcohol and
drugs lead to development of irreversible processes in an infant

6.    Determine a day. If your cycle is 28 days, then
the most favorable day for conception is the 14th one (counting from
the first day of last menstruation). If your cycle is 30 days - then
the 16th day. If your cycle is 32 days - 18th.

7.    Pay attention to vaginal discharge. When ovulation
takes place, organism secretes a thin slippery substance, contributing
to passing of sperm. If you observe yourself every day, then you will
notice your vaginal discharge, resembling egg-white to the touch,
coming in most favorable days for conception.

8.    Men`s lingerie. When testicles are squeezed and
overheated in slips, quantity of sperm is reduced significantly. If you
are planning to conceive, then your partner should avoid saunas, hot
tubes, physical overstrain, and also should wear loose underwear.

9.    Sex positions, contributing to conception. Best of
all are “missionary”, “doggy-style”, “side to side”. Avoid positions,
when a woman is on top, stands or bowed.

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