Stretch marks on skin

Of course, you’ve already guessed that you’re going to become a mother soon, according to a number of signs: enlarged breasts, indisposition, languor. All this is caused by hormonal changes in organism. Pregnancy supposes that your weight will increase too. And as a result, stretch marks may appear – thin indrawn whity-pink striae on skin. In 80-90% of women it is caused by excessive tension of skin in “problem” areas: on hips, buttocks, belly, breast.
Why does this happen?
Stretch marks appear because of defect of activity of cells, producing elastin and collagen. High level of estrogene and progesterone hormones in a pregnant woman’s blood also plays important role. And your skin can be sensitive to hormones. Even if you have a healthy and elastic skin, it can stretch only to a certain limit. But your baby is growing, pressure from inside increases, and in places of strong tension break of fibers can take place.
How to prevent this trouble?
Try to do everything you can. Your weight should correspond to your height at least 6 months before conception. Take care of it now: you cannot stick to a hungry or fasting diet during pregnancy. Watch your weight after conception. Especially during late pregnancy – if you gain weight quickly, reduce consumption of carbohydrates and milk. On the 38th week weight becomes stabilize, and, if you gained no more than 13 kg, it will be easier for you to return your shape after childbirth.
Starting from 3rd month and up to childbirth, you can rub a gel, containing vegetable extracts of ladies'-mantle and horse-tail into your skin. Gel strenghtens epidermis tissues, stirs up activity of cells, producing collagen and elastin. Do you exercise? If not yet, then start, for example, from walking or swimming, finding at least 20 minutes per day for it.
On the 12th week buy a bra, supporting your breast well, and after 20th week wear a bustier with wide base under cups, wide shoulder-straps and adjustable clasp. 


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