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Psycho types of children and parents are sometimes so different, that it`s diffucult to overcome misunderstanding, appearing because of it. Astrologers have their own opinion on this subject

types of children and parents are sometimes so different, that it`s diffucult
to overcome misunderstanding, appearing because of it. Astrologers have their
own opinion on this subject.
born under Aries, Leo and Scorpio
signs, are traditionally considered “difficult children”. They create lots of
problems for their parents, as they have strong character, and show their
independent temper since early years already. Adults seldom have authority over
them only because they are “elders”. Young Aries, Leo and Scorpio are literally
born with the feeling that they are the best, and the whole world is turning
around them, including parents. You cannot make these children obey: even a 5
year old baby with such psycho type feels he`s stronger than you. They have
enough energy to behave in accordance with their mood and wishes.
should behave after careful consideration. Don`t start a war, you know, there
will be no winners in it! Try to observe parity and respect your child`s
rights, and first of all, his right to be strong. Encourage independence and
responsibility in such children, trust their possibilities. They really have
plenty of them! 
of society 
of aerial signs - Gemini, Aquarius and
- have rather different psycho type. They are sociable and witty,
it`s very easy to communicate with them.
It would
seem, parents can breath freely: these are children bringing no problems,
but… this is only prima facie. Emotional parents seldom can excite sympathy
and empathy in a child. Such children seldom cry over a sad fairy tale, and
when they grow up, they will hardly lapse into sentimental day-dreams and
suffer from love. They are not subjected to changes of mood and don`t bear when
someone creates emotional shakings for them.
develop the best contact with parents of aerial and fire signs, i.e. with Gemini,
Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Parents of earth signs - Taurus,
Virgo and Capricorn - wonder at their offsprings` unpracticality, trying to cultivate
business acumen in them. Later on this may become
a determinative of mutual misunderstanding: parents can consider their adult
children-idealists as losers. Dear moms and dads - Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo!
Your children - Aquarius, Gemini and Libra - treat the world differently. Look,
how many friends they have, how much joy communication brings to them and how
easily they walk along the life, not getting stuck on failures, looking in
future with optimism. Agree, this is also very important!
with psycho type of water signs, especially Cancer and Pisces, - to the contrary, are very sensitive and sensible.
They need constant moral support from their close people. Favourable
psychological climate in a family and emotional contact with parents are very
important for them. For them, warm, kind atmosphere at home - is a peculiar protection
from outward things, which they are afraid of and try to avoid. Energetic and
parents think it`s strange, and they will try to make their child string and
brave. But dissapointments are possible: loud games, hikes and sport will
hardly captivate a sensible and quite child for a long.
goody-goodies are little interested in outward, active side of life. They
prefer living in the world of their own fancies. Subtle perception involves
them into art, music and painting, and parents will be right, if they start to
encourage this. Later on such children become good psychologists and
scientists-historians. Help these unusual tastes developing - and you will be
pleasantly surprised at your child`s successes.
of earth signs - Virgo, Capricorn and
- are most yielding. Since early years they have prudence and easement,
understand adults` requirements well. Young Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus help
parents doing home duties with great sense of responsibility. They study well,
don`t clash with coevals and teachers.  
as a rule, children of earth signs are very sluggish. Parents may consider it
as a significal disadvantage and try to correct it. But attempts to make a
child living in a quick tempo, unnatural for him, will hardly meet with success.
You don`t need to hurry children and make them hasten: although they do
everything slowly, but right and purposefully. Another feature of such children
is obstinacy. Capricorn and Taurus are especially stubborn. When a child is
small, parents think this quality is ungrounded and try to suppress it. Don`t
try to solve this problem using strength, you will only provoke a conflict.
It`s better to explain your requirements to a child calmly, talking to him as
if he`s adult. He`s peaceful by his nature and is not disposed to conflicts, so
he will certainly like these arguments and agree with you gladly.

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