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Making presents is always pleasant, especially to babies, which are glad to them from the heart. But how can you guess about little soul`s wishes?

Making presents is always pleasant, especially to babies, which are glad to them
from the heart. But how can you guess about little soul`s wishes? You know, our
babies are so different… Probably, if we turn to such science like astrology,
we will find a better way out. Well, which zodiac sign you baby has?…

Aries. Little lambs always need putting their energy into some occupation, they will
appreciate a gift, which will stir up their interest to a new passion. Folding
toys with surprises will make them glad most of all, boys will be delighted with
pistols and guns with “special effects”, a new super popular computer game, meccano
set, and especially a new model of a car or plane, which they will be able to
assemble with their own hands. Girls will be pleased, if you present them a beautiful
fluffy toy or a set of children cosmetics. You just certainly should pack a gift
in bright paper, red color is the best.

Taurus. Even the smallest representatives of this zodiac sign really value home cosiness
and comfort, so a thing, chosen specially for his room or place, where a small
calf spends most part of his time, will be a good present. Taurus is not indifferent
to money also - you can just put it in a special beautifull envelope, and a child
will be very pleased. Children of this sign have a sweet tooth - a small chest
with chocolate coins or sweets in the form of treasures will become an unforgettable
surprise for them. Girls will be pleased to receive a classic gift - a doll, plush
bear, big fluffy toy, a set for creative work or a special encyclopedia.

Gemini. A dual sign should receive more than one present: a lot of useful and sweet
small things “in one flask” - is an ideal variant! A gift should stimulate imagination
and fancy. Moreover, Gemini are very sociable and judicious, don`t forget about
it while choosing a surprise. Probably, a cellular - is the biggest dream of your
child. Gemini take a fancy easily, but their passions change very often, so best
of all is to learn beforehand about things your baby is keen on now. And then
to present a really necessary gift. Well, and from all above-mentioned we can
make a conclusion, that besides cellular, Gemini will be always glad to a logical
game, puzzle, wise book or film. And being a “sounding” sign, he will like a player
or mini-radio with head-phones a lot.

Cancer. Like Taurus, little Cancer is very attached to fireside. So present him things
that will be useful for him at home or remind him about home coziness, present
a feeling of comfort and safety. The simplest variants - soft slippers or warm
mittens, where you can put various pleasant small things or sweets also. A child
Cancer will be really glad to a big book of fairy-tales, which you will read together,
for example, before going to bed… And for older children you can choose a fantasy
book, and this can be not only book, but a movie too. Cancers are gourmets! Children
of this sign often become little gluttons. So don`t be lazy to accompany your
present with a holiday table, prepared at home, where you will put your child`s
favorite dishes for sure.

Leo. Leo - is a king (or queen)… And this child should receive a respective gift!
A thing should be not only remarkable, but also accentuate its owner`s advangates.
For example, a mug with zodiac sign image, name or, what is more effective, your
lion cub`s photo. A child-Leo will like “parade” toys: big animals, dolls, cars
and collapsible toys. You can present an adventure book or film to a boy, and
to a girl - everything that will, surely, decorate her look (cosmetics, beautiful
hair-pins, stylish cloth).

Virgo. Virgo is very accurate, you can trust the most responsible and scrupulous work
to her. A gift should be packed accurately and stylishly - first of all, Virgo
pays attention to this. Virgo`s attitude to contents depends on quality of wrapping!
A gift itself should be practical. Rucksacks and bags are good. If they have several
departments (what a little Virgo will appreciate), put there various useful things,
which your child hinted you about earlier. You can surprise girls with baby-dolls
with a set of bottles, clothes and combs… And boys will gladly occupy themselves
with meccanoes.

Libra. The ceremony of presentation itself and a gift`s wrapping are important for
Libra, so you should make an effort… Everything should look very beautiful.
Libras of all ages like boxes! There you can put a beautiful trinket or badge.
As Libra is very sensitive and even sentimental, girls of this sign will be glad
to a plush toy, a doll in a lace attire or a music box most of all. An ideal gift
for boys - is the one that will satisfy their interest to sport and competitions.

Scorpio. Oh, representatives of this sign adore everything unusual, exciting and mysterious.
The more mystique, the better! This child will be glad to a gift, which you will
offer him as an amulet or talisman. Find out beforehand what he wants, but your
Scorpio should not guess that he will receive this gift. Or find a toy with a
secret (and several secrets are better!). Hide it, and allow your “pathfinder”
enjoying its searching.

Sagittarius. An interesting trip will be the best gift for this child! But we all have different
possibilities, and if you cannot allow yourself a trip, choose something connected
with traveling for your small Sagittarius. These can be beautiful illustrated
books about different countries and films on the same topic. You can present him
a bag or rucksack, and to younger ones - toys on wheels. Arrange a hoilday with
merry movable games - your child will be ahppy! You can draw and present him a
map, with help of which he will be able to find his gift. Well, if you still have
no animals at home, bring your Sagittarius a little friend from dumb animals.

Capricorn. Capricorns are quite fastidious. Even in childhood they can distinguish expensive
and high-quality things of all others. So, to avoid seeing dissapointment on your
dear baby`s face, choose a gift thoroughly. Capricorns value things that help
them arranging their private space, help in some activity, and also everything
that can be assosiated with luxury and cpmfort. Present your child beautiful school
supplies, a big illustrated encyclopedia or a collection of books by his favorite
author, put in his room a comfortable computer table and arm-chair, present a
little golden jewel-talisman or a special bath set with lots of supplies.

Aquarius. This is a sign of technical progress. Both little and grown-up Aquariuses are
interested in the lattest technologies, so novelties impress them most. Probably,
that`s why cellular of latest model will become the best surprise for a representative
of this sign. Aquariuses will be happy to receive a computer, and also various
devices to it or electronic toys. You can surprise your baby with appearance of
some exotic or unusual animal at home.

Pisces. Creative and delicate natures, Pisces will appreciate a set for creative work,
which will excite inspiration in them and wish to try it immediately. A ticket
to the theatre, concert or cinema will also cause delught. Children of this sign
believe in miracles and adore fairy-tales, so you can choose a beautiful book
of this genre for them, and also a doll - a hero of their favorite cartoon or
movie. These children should appreciate also a collection of beaituful music.
You can present a carnival costume too, as transformations - are a passion of
little Pisces. But be patient and don`t even think of discovering your mystery
earlier, as the effect of surprise - is the main thing for Pisces!

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