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Application of many cosmetic procedures is contra-indicated or restricted for future moms. You should also be careful with some procedures of hair removal

of many cosmetic procedures is contra-indicated or restricted for
future moms. You should also be careful with some procedures of hair
removal. However, when you know more about every variant, and also
about rules of safety, you can choose an optimal variant for you.


Earlier it was considered that hair will grow quickly, if you shave
them. In fact, speed of hair growth doesn`t depend on it, but their
structure changes because of regular shaving.

Advantages. It`s cheap, quickly and painlessly. Method has no
contra-indications and suits for removal of hair of any structure, on
any parts of body, independently in home conditions.

Disadvantages. You can cut yourself, if you have sensitive skin, it can
become irritated. Hair grow very quickly and become coarse and thorny.

Cosmetologist`s advice: It`s not recommended to use soap while shaving,
and also cauterize skin with spirit lotions - it dries it and can cause
peeling. It`s better to use special foam, and then peeling skin with
creams or gels.

Laser depilation

Laser depilation - is destruction of hairs under the influence of
concentrated bunch of light, a noncontact method. Qauntity of
procedures depends on quantity and structure of hairs (4-7 procedures
with 1,5-5 months breaks). If you pass the whole course, you can get
rid of unnecessary hair for ever. After such procedure they usually
apply a special preparation on your skin, which removes irritation.
Ideal characteristics for laser depilation - are dark hair and light
skin. Modern equipment (ruby laser) allows removal light hair too.

Advantages. The cheapest of noncontact methods. Can be applied on any
part of body. It`s painlessly. Already after first procedure hairs
become thinner and imperceptible.

Disadvantages. Light and red hair take laser depilation badly. If a
cosmetologist is not qualified enough, then burns are possible. Before
procedure you need to pass a test, to avoid unpleasant after-effects.
You cannot carry out this procedure in home conditions.

Cosmetologist`s advice. After laser depilation you need to protect your
skin from sun for 2-3 days, otherwise, appearance of pigmentation on
the place of removed hairs is possible.


Photo-epilation - is an influence with short photoflashes on your
hairs, it`s a noncontact, sparing method. Qauntity of procedures
depends on quantity and structure of hairs - as a rule, 4 procedures
with 1,5-6 months break. After such course hair grow no more or only a
light down appears. To avoid reddening, after procedure they apply a
special calming gel on skin. If you have very sensitive skin, cooling
gel is used before procedure too.

Advantages. Most efficient and painless method among all ways of hair
removal. There`re no contra-indications. The main advantage is a
possibility of removal of hair of any color and structure on all skin
types, even sunburnt one. You can use photoflashes on any parts of your
body, such method is especially recommended for intimate depilation and
hair removal on face.

Disadvantages. It`s an expensive method, as an optimal mode of
influence is chosen individually by a doctor or computer system. If you
choose a wrong mode, you can receive burns, which will heal not soon.

Cosmetologist`s advice. You should do photo-epilation only in
well-known clinics. In beauty salons price for this service is counted
for each cm of body and depending on intension of hair growth.

Ultrasound depilation

Ultrasound depilation - is dysnutrition of bulb root under the
influence of ultrasound, leading to exhaustion and shedding of hairs.
This is an auxiliary method of depilation, it`s recommended while thick
pilage between procedures of laser of photo-epilation.

Advantages. Painlessness. Hair growth slows down, but doesn`t stop.

Disadvantages. It`s not recommended during pregnancy. Brings no immediate result.

Cosmetologist`s advice. Before usage of any of noncontact methods, you
need to consult a dermatologist and pass testing for sensiteveness of


Electro-epilation is carried out by insertion of electrode in a bulb and leading
current through it.

Advantages. It suits any hair color. This is the most efficient and
long-term of all “home” methods. Already after first procedure hair
become thinner, and some time later regularity of procedures reduces

Disadvangates. It`s rather painful procedure, you can apply it only on
legs and face. Models with coolers make depilation more comfortable.
Process takes much time. Sensitive skin can become irritated.

Cosmetologist`s advice. It`s not recommended to repeat
electro-epilation until hairs reach certain length. After hair removal
you need to apply calming creams and gels (with aloe, chamomile etc.).


Bioepilation - is hair removal with help of various creams, pitches and wax.

Advantages. You can do it by yourself in home conditions. Hair grow
more slowly, than after shaving. It suits any hair color and structure.
The main is to choose an appropriate type of epilator. Creams-epilators
are multi-purpose, easy-to-use, make procedure absolutely painless,
suit for sensitive skin.

Disadvantages. It`s very difficult to control temperature of
depilators, which require preliminary heating. You can ger a burn, if
you overheat wax, and if its temperature is not high enough, there`s a
high probability of uneven hair removal. It`s almost impossible to use
bioepilation in axillas.

Cosmetologist`s advice. Usage of depilating lags, hot pitch or wax is quite painful,
so it`s undesirable during pregnancy.

General contra-indications for all types of depilation:

Acute forms of herpes, infectional and skin diseases, cicatricial
keloids, malignant growths, some varieties of diabetes, serious forms
of hypertension, psychic diseases. Heat depilation (for example, wax
one) cannot be applied on the place of visible veins inflammation.
Future mothers are disposed to allergic reactions, so they need to
conduct a sensitivity test on skin of inner surface of forearm (even if
earlier this cream-depilator caused no problems).

Mother`s stressful condition affects formation of fetus`s nervous
system negatively, so you should refuse from all painfull kinds of
depilation for a while. Some dermatologists do not mind laser
depilation during pregnancy, but most specialists dermatologists and
obstetricians consider that during this period a woman should use only
delicate mechanic methods of hair removal (using cold or warm wax,
shaving) and post-depilation creams.  

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