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My Alex does everything using his left hand, - a young mom says. - And he has his own way, no matter how hard i try to teach him. But he draws great!

My Alex does everything using his left hand, - a young mom says. - And
he has his own way, no matter how hard i try to teach him. But he draws
great! But can you imagine, he does it with his left hand. I explain
him that he should do it with right hand and take a pencil away from
him. I show him how to draw. But he plays up and feels angry… And
refuses drawing with right hand at all.

What will happen further? Is it possible to teach him again?

Well, shall we try to teach such child again? He differs from other,
ordinary, according to our opinion, children only with the fact that
his right hemisphere dominates over left. But a baby is born with two
right hemispheres. And one of them turns into left, as a child grows
and develops.

So an adult person`s brain consists of right and left hemispheres, each
one is not a mirror reflection of the another, but a necessary addition
to it. Completely different centers of human vital activity are
concentrated  in both hemispheres, For example, left one controls
speech and abstract thinking, right - musical and artistic creativity,
creative thinking. When left hemisphere dominates, one feels happiness
and pleasure, right - fear and sadness. There differences are numerous,
but the main is that even comparative domination of some hemisphere
causes human psychological features.

Speech acquirement and the first child`s perception of himself
stimulate one of right hemispheres to turn into left one. So, after a
3-years old crisis differences between right-handers and left-handers
become apparent. When left hemisphere dominates, right hand is usually
a leading one, when right hemisphere dominates - left hand. No
hemisphere dominates in third part of people.

A left-handed child differs from his coevals very much, and not only
due to his obstinacy. Such children are usually especially gifted and
very emotional. Since 3 years they already draw much better than other
children and model of loam and plasticine. Everybody notes their great
musical talents, perfect ear is not a rare thing for them. But at the
same time mutism and difficulties in pronouncing various sounds are
peculiar to them.

Such chid is spontaneous, trusting, easily influenced by momentary
feelings and moods, whining, capricious and liable to fury and anger,
persistent in realization of his wishes.

Reading and writing trouble him, it turns out absolitely impossible for him to
become proficient in them in early age.

But in general, such children are sociable and gregarious. And if we
find correct methods of upbringing, considering their peculiarities,
all our problems will be solved.

How to behave with a left-handed child

Taking into account such child`s heightened emotionality and extreme
sensitiveness, you need to be very sensitive and kind to him.

Create auspicious climate for him in a family.

Don`t quarrel with him because of frequent obstinacy, and try to veil his obstinacy
by some game.

Take a child`s peculiarity as a matter of course and don`t try to turn
him into a right-hander, explaining to everybody and him, that there`re
many left-handed people in the world and that it`s some kind of norm.

Compliment him for slightest successes and encourage his artistic or musical flair,
but don`t strive to grow a child prodigy.

Try to prepare surprises for your child more often.

Don`t demand much of him or compare him with other, ordinary, children.

On no account teach your child reading, writing and foreign languages
before school, as he can face failures here and they will lower level
of his self-appraisal.

Love him the way he is.

How parents should not behave with a left-handed child

Not try to hide your gibes as for your child`s difference from other children.

Accentuate this fact in known and strange people`s presence.

Do everything you can to teach your child again, and punish him, when he doesn`t

Try to make him crying and cause other negative emotions in him by your methods
of upbringing.

Be in general cold and pedantic while communication with him.

Strive to bring his talent to perfection, constantly demanding too much of him.

Teach him reading, writing and foreign languages, blaming him for failures.

Create such atmosphere in a family, so that a child`s self-appraisal
would come down every day, so that he would feel offcast and useless.

Remember, such upbringing is usually a fertile field for development of neurosis
or symptoms of stuttering in a child.

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